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#1789 Sevres-Style Porcelain Bowl, 19th Century

Set in an elegant gilt-bronze mount adorned with rose garland swags and grape clusters.  Wonderful figural scene in center of bowl.  Some slight wear in the center.  The bowl was probably used on someone's dinner table in the 19th century.  The bronze mount was probably added later.  Approximately 7" tall x 16" wide from front to back x 29 1/2" from the outer tips of the handles (23" without the handles).  Inquire for picture of mark.  Will post additional pictures as soon as we have the opportunity.

sevresbowltop.jpg (97440 bytes) Sevres Style Porcelain Bowl in Gilt Bronze Mount sevresbowlcloseup.jpg (94050 bytes) Item #1789



#2029 Elegant Italian Beveled and Giltwood Mirror

Foliate trim.  Not old, but believed to be at least vintage.  Approximately 47" tall x 24" wide.  Will post additional pictures at the earliest opportunity.
Italian Mirror Item #2029 $995 ORDER NOW

SOLD#2530 Bronze and Onyx Candelabra, 19th CenturySOLD

Bronze does NOT take a magnet.  We have tested this piece all over with a magnet, and it does NOT take a magnet anywhere except for a screw and a small metal brace on the underside of the base.  Even the cherub does NOT take a magnet.

This beautiful old candelabra was once covered with gold, traces of which can be seen in the crevices.  That serves as a testament to its age.  The cherub itself has managed to retain its finish, except for the wear on the nose and slight wear on the body.  We have recently had the cherub, especially the nose and the left chest area, professionally touched up.

21 1/2" tall to the glass ring of the tallest candle.  The candles are real and not permanently attached.  Notice that each candle has a glass ring.

Item #2530


Click on updated picture for nose touchup and left chest area touchup.  Click on picture above for original nose condition and picture below for original left chest area condition.

Notice in the above picture the rough patch on the left chest area where it was touched up.  See pictures at left for original condition prior to touchup.

The candle arms are approximately 10" wide x 7" deep (the back side is flat for fitting against a wall or mirror).  The base is approximately 7 1/4" wide x 7" deep.

#2458 19th Century Italian Carved Giltwood Wall Sconce

Three arms for candles.  Two mirrors.  25" wide x 31 1/2" tall.  Has had some restoration.  The original gold leaf is still there for the most part, but has been touched up in places with gold paint, so is a combination.  Also some repairs have been made on the wood.  Notice the original hinges which we tried to capture in two of the pictures below.  It is believed to be from c. 2nd quarter of 19th Century.  Ready to hang on your wall.  A treasure of a find.

19th Century Italian Wall Sconce

Item #2458



SOLD#2459 Italian Altar CandlesticksSOLD

Gorgeous Pair.  Baroque-style.  Carved Giltwood.  19th Century.  The pictures speak for themselves.  20 1/2" tall plus 2 3/4" for the spike.  Round base for candle is 4 1/2" diameter.  6" wide at the bottom.

19th Century Italian Altar Candlesticks Gilt Wood

Item #2459


#2025 Carved Giltwood Putties

Pair.  Putties are old (c. 19th Century).  The bases on which they sit are not old.  Approximately 19" tall.

Hand Carved Gilt Puttie

Hand Carved Gilt Puttie Item #2025 $6,250 for pair

SOLD#2210 French or Italian style Wall BracketsSOLD

Gorgeous pair.  Hand-carved gilt wood.   Some chipping of the gold on tip of one (see pictures).  Wear on tops from obvious use through the years (see pictures).  Age and maker unknown.  Approximately 10" tall x 10 1/2" wide x 4 3/4" deep.

Hand Carved Gilt Wall Brackets French Style


#2028 Carved Figures and Angels

Magnificent pair on modern stands.  Believed to be c. 18th Century and of Italian origin.  Approximately 36" tall including the modern base.

2028Angelstwo.jpg (85643 bytes)

2028angels.jpg (99136 bytes) Item #2028 $32,500 for pair

#2027 Carved Wooden Wall Shelves

Possibly early 20th Century.  These are the shelves on which the #2028 angels are sitting.  Only available with purchase of #2028 Angels above unless the angels are purchased without the shelves.

Carved Wooden Wall Brackets

Carved Wooden Wall Brackets

Item #2027

$4,250 for pair


SOLD#2273 Carved Italian Wall BracketSOLD

Gold and green finish.  c. early 20th Century. Notice the beautiful carved roses and metal gallery trim around top.  Approximately 21" tall x 15" wide at back of shelf.  Shelf is 7" deep.  Weight is just under 8 pounds.  A beautiful decorative piece.

Italian Hand Carved Wall Bracket


 SOLD#1844 Sevres Style Portrait Lamp with GriffinsSOLD

This is an unusual Sevres Style Portrait Lamp which we believe to be at least as old as the last quarter of the 19th Century. The body is porcelain decorated in a beautiful lavender as a background to the portraits

It has ornate bronze mounts of Griffins and other ornate decoration. The base of the lamp at the very bottom is not bronze.

It is 35" tall from the base to the very top of the tall finial and 8 3/4" tall from the base to the top of the gallery trim around the neck.

The portraits are transfers with some hand painted touches. There are signatures on the portraits which I have tried to show in the photos in the next column.

 Excellent condition. 

sevreslampcloseup.jpg (95431 bytes)


sevreslampname.jpg (73234 bytes)

sevreslampnamethree.jpg (76982 bytes)

Item #1844 

sevreslampnametwo.jpg (77248 bytes)

 SOLD#2012 Elegant Giltwood MirrorSOLD
Not old, but believed to be approximately 30-40 years old.  Very fine quality!!
2012mirror.jpg (75073 bytes) Item #2012 SOLD SOLD

SOLD#2090 Old Paris Porcelain LampsSOLD

Pair.  Hand painted florals on both front and back of each lamp.  c. last quarter of 19th century.  Approximately 32" tall to the top of the finial.  One finial is missing.  Height of light post can be adjusted (see picture below) to make them taller if desired.  There is some gold wear on the porcelain bases (see pictures below of each base).  Otherwise, these lamps are in excellent to perfect condition.  The ornate ormolu mounts do not take a magnet which indicates they are probably bronze.  The piece around the neck between the handles does, however, attract a magnet, which means it is made of white metal.

Old Paris Porcelain Lamps


 SOLD#1834 French Porcelain and Bronze LampSOLD

Beautiful pink with a wonderful hand painted figural scene.  Unsigned.  Approximately 24 1/2" tall to top of finial x 6 1/2"-7" wide at body.  c.1920's.

French Porcelain Lamp 1834frenchpinklampbody.jpg (56255 bytes) 1834frenchpinklampfigurals.jpg (76340 bytes) SOLD
1834frenchpinklampneck.jpg (77370 bytes) 1834frenchpinklampbase.jpg (81670 bytes) 1834frenchpinklampfeet.jpg (83957 bytes) Item #1834

SOLD#2241 Marble Jeanne of Arc BustSOLD

Very striking and appears to be hand carved.  It is unmarked except for her name as you see in the picture below.  She measures 7 3/4" tall x 8" wide x 4" deep.  Weight is 6 1/4" pounds.  The base appears to be a separate piece which has been attached to the bust.  Age and origin unknown.  Possibly Italian marble.  It is in the style of the famous historical figures by G. Besji, but is unsigned.

Marble Lady Bust Marble Lady Bust Marble Lady Bust SOLD
Item #2241
SOLD#2011 Terra Cotta CoupleSOLD
by Borghese.  c.1940's.  Approximately 8 1/2" tall x 5" wide. 
Borgese Terra Cotta Bust Terra Cotta Borgese Bust Item #2011 SOLD



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