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Please remember that all of our items are Antique and Vintage and may or may not have the usual minimal utensil marks or slight wear from normal use.  Anything of significance is duly noted in our descriptions and photographed if possible.  We strive very hard to assure the high-quality of our products and to fully disclose any significant flaws.  Rest assured that we stand behind our products and guarantee customer satisfaction. 

Figural, Floral, Fruit Plates and Trays


#2164 Hand Painted "English" Plate

 This beautiful hand painted plate is OLD and does have some very light crazing which is not noticeable except upon close inspection.  It also have a fleabite on the underside edge (not seen from the side). 

Hand Painted English Plate Roses

Unmarked, but most likely of English origin.

 The beauty of the hand painting and the heavy gold trim on the scalloped rim make up for any imperfections.

1 in stock

9" diameter

Item #2164



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#3869 P. T. Bavaria Figural Plates

Porcelain Factory Tirschenreuth, Tirschenreuth, Bavaria, Germany.  c.1930 - ?  (Source:  Keramik-Marken Lexikon 1885-1935 by Dieter Zuhlsdorff,  page 271).  Beautifully designed in shape and style.  Cartouche panels with soft blue background outlined in graceful rococo swirls.  Elegant reticulation connecting each panel.  Mythical figural scenes in transfer encircled by a wreath of blue floral vines.  7 7/8" diameter.

2 plates in stock

Item #3869


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$55 each

#3854 Old Hand Painted Plate

Unsigned.  Possibly Limoges, but can't be certain since it is unmarked.  Inset handles.  Very pretty Lilac florals and cranberry trim with turquoise beaded design around the rim.  11" diameter.  Excellent condition

Old Hand Painted Cake Plate, Possibly Limoges

1 in stock

Item #3854 $150


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#3852 Hand Painted CT Germany Plate Roses

Unsigned.  Probably the work of an American china painter.  Whiteware blank from C. Tielsch & Co, Altwasser, Silesia, Germany.  Old mark used c.1875 through 1934 (Source:  Kovel's, page 23).  Very pretty soft pastels in blended pinks and greens with a very light touch of yellow.  .

1 in stock

7 3/4" diameter

Item #3852 $55


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#2733 Hand Painted German Plate Roses

 Signed Geneva (probably an American China Painter).  Mark on back is simply Germany and was obviously applied with a stamp -- notice the ink smeared before it had a chance to dry.  This stamped mark infers the plate (probably a whiteware blank) was already in existence prior to 1891, and the stamp was applied at a time after 1891 to comply with the McKinley Tariff Act of 1891.  Geneva was most likely an American China Painter in the late 19th or early 20th century.  Beautiful reticulation on scalloped rim.  Gorgeous Plate.  Excellent condition.

Hand Painted German Plate Roses

 9 3/4" diameter  1 in stock Item #2733


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#2731 Hand Painted Plate Blue Daisies

 Signed L. Cluck.  No date.  No doubt an American China Painter.  Beautiful blue daisies on a soft pale green background.  Notice the rococo scroll design molded into the rim, as well as the elegant finishing touches of reticulation.  Excellent condition.

 1 in stock

8 3/8" diameter

Item #2731 $55


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#2715 Hand Painted Plate Violets

Signed Bess.  Dated 1965.  No doubt an American China Painter.  Beautiful violets on a lavender background.  Scalloped rim.  Excellent condition.

Hand Painted Plate Violets

9 1/8" diameter

1 in stock

Item #2715



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#2688 Hand Painted Plate Gorgeous Roses

Unsigned.  The underglaze green mark is that of Jaeger & Co. Porcelain Factory of Marktredwitz, Germany, and was entered into the German Trademark Registry in 1898 (Source:  Directory of European Porcelain, Ludwig Danckert, pages 267 and 669).   Excellent condition.  Gorgeous.
J & C Malmaison Roses Hand Painted Plate Malmaison is apparently referring to the roses.  Here is a link about "Antique Roses" 1 in stock

 8 1/2" diameter

Item #2688



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#2610 Bohemian Plate

The mark on this plate dates it to 1912-1918 and  is that of Porcelain Factory Merkelsgrun of Merkelsgrun, Bohemia (now Merklin, Czechoslovakia).  (Source: Marks on German, Bohemian, and Austrian Porcelain by Rontgen, pages 82 and 448).  Beautiful plate with transfer figural scene.  Rim is in varying shades of violet or purple.  Excellent condition except for some very slight wear on the purple in the center close to the circle around the figural scene.  The white areas on the outer edge of the rim is from the flash of the camera.  Ready for hanging on your wall.

Bohemian Plate Porcelain Factory Merkelsgrun

1 in stock

8 3/4" diameter

Item #2610 $55


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#2276 Royal Doulton Plate, Kenilworth Castle

Hand Painted.  Signed.  Beautiful and ornate gilt trim.   Perfect condition.  A beautiful plate.  Age unknown at this writing. 

Royal Doulton Kenilworth Castle

1 in stock

8 7/8" diameter

Item #2276



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#2568 CT Germany Old Decorative Plates

Ready for hanging on your wall.  The marks on this set were used as early as c.1875 through 1934.  The faded blue mark is a CT  beneath a bird.  The other mark says "Made in Germany."  Perfect condition except for usual slight wear of gold due to obvious age.  Notice the beautiful shell design of each plate.

7 1/2" diameter

 1 set in stock Item #2568 $135 Set


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#2764 PT Germany Plate

 Mark is for Porcelain Factory Tettau and is dated c.1902 when the factory started operating under that name (one source says 1902; another says 1915).  (Sources:  Pages 42 and 487 of Rontgen's and pages 449-450 of Directory of  European Porcelain).  Beautiful cranberry colors and floral transfer decoration.  It is an old plate and has some very slight wear in two spots (shown in pictures) nothing major at all.  8 1/8" diameter. 

PT Germany Plate Tettau Item #2764 $25


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#3909 Pirkenhammer Czechoslovakia Plate, 1930's

10 3/4" diameter.  Pretty Roses and other transfer florals on a pale yellow background.  It does have some wear and is priced accordingly.  The Pirkenhammer mark dates to 1918-1938 according to the Pirkenhammer website.  The other mark is dated to c.1930-1935 and is that of Schmieger & Sons of Schonfeld, a decorating studio in Carlsbad, Bohemia, Czechoslovakia.  Therefore, the date of the plate is 1930-35.  (Sources:  Directory of European Porcelain, Ludwig Danckert, page 413; and Keramik-Marken Lexikon,1885-1935 Europa by Dieter Zuhlsdorff, page 293).   A very nice decorative plate.

Pirkenhammer Plate

Item #3909 $25

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#2771 Art Nouveau Hand Painted Plate

Signed on back G. Barlow, 1916.  Barely seen in the picture is a stamped Germany, indicating this was a whiteware blank from Germany.  G. Barlow was most likely an American china painter.  Soft florals and vines typical of the Art Nouveau era.  Notice the inset gold handles.  7 3/4" diameter at the handles.  Excellent condition.

Item #2771


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#2374 Decorative Plate

Unmarked.  Simple, but pretty.  Delicate pink flowers appear to be a transfer pattern with hand painted color added on an ivory background.  Scalloped rim is in pale yellow with gold trim which is very worn (see picture).  Age unknown, but has obviously been around for a long time -- c. early 20th century.

Item #2374


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#2065 Figural Plate

Unmarked, Unsigned.   Scalloped rim. Perfect Condition.  Appears to be hand painted, but might be a transfer.  Haven't been able to make a final determination.  A beautiful plate. 8 1/2" diameter. 

Hand Painted Figural Plate

Item #2065


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SOLD#3868 AK Kaiser Hand Painted Square DishSOLD

Kaiser Porzellan, Staffelstein, Bavaria, Germany.  Although the Kaiser factory was originally founded in 1872, this particular mark is dated 1970 to 1990.  Notice it includes the words W. Germany.  Germany was divided into East and West in late 1949 following the end of World War II in 1945.  Germany was once again reunited in 1990.  This beautiful dish is hand painted with a version of the very popular Dresden Flowers which makes it compatible with the Schumann Dresden Flowers pieces.  Beautiful scalloped rim trimmed in gold, inset handles, floral cartouches.  Excellent condition.SOLD

AK Kaiser Porcelain Dish

8 1/4" diameter at outer edge of handles

Item #3868 SOLD

SOLD#3867 T & V Limoges PlateSOLD

Tressemann & Vogt of Limoges, France.  c.1892-1907.  The red bell mark is a decorating mark; the green star is a manufacturing mark.  (Source:  Collector's Encyclopedia of Limoges Porcelain, Third Edition, by Gaston, page 293) Notice the name of the pattern  is Forget Me Not.  Delicate floral swags, gold trim, and scalloped rim -- a very elegant shell design.  8 5/8" diameter Appears perfect, but has a missing point on the gold trim of one of the handles.  See pictures below.  Priced accordingly.  A very beautiful collector's plate. 


Top picture is inset handle with a missing gold tip.  Next picture is back side of that area.  Last picture is the other inset handle with all tips in place.


Item #3867


SOLD#2563 PM Bavaria Game Plates PairSOLD

According to references, mark appears to be that of the Porcelain Factory Moschendorf of Bavaria, Germany, in business c.1904-1938.  9 1/8" diameter.  Ready for hanging on your wall with hooks already on the backsides.  Festive wildlife showcased in small cartouches as well as the centers of each plate.  The scenes are in transfer on a beautiful green background.  Very pretty colors overall.  Beautiful scalloped design to plates.  Notice the natural wear of gold on the raised portions of the plate as well as around the rims.  These plates are quite old and in excellent condition for their obvious age.  Nothing wrong with them at all except for the wear of the gold.  Notice closeups of normal wear of gold.

Item #2563


SOLD#2350 Austrian PlateSOLD

Very pretty floral decoration in transfer on a background of white and turquoise green.  The gold trim on the inside of the scalloped rim set off the beauty of  this nice decorative plate.  It does have some very slight wear of the turquoise (see picture).  Otherwise, it is in excellent condition.  8 1/2" diameter. 

Milton Austria Plate Item #2350 SOLD

SOLD#2751 Z. S. & Co. BavariaSOLD

I originally thought Punch to be a pattern name, especially considering the grape motif. -- that made sense.  However, I have now heard from two different viewers with plates with this exact Z.&S Punch mark, but each with totally different decoration (pastoral scene, cherubs, etc.),  Therefore, I have to assume Punch must be the name of the plate mold or perhaps a product line name.  I don't have that answer and can only speculate for now.  The mark is for Z. S. & Co., Zeh, Scherzer & Co., Rehau, Bavaria, Germany, and is shown in references as first used in c.1880.  (Source:  Kovel's New Dictionary of Marks, page 225).  This plate is decorated with transfer grapes and foliage.  Not perfect (see pictures) -- it does have a worn spot in one section of the grapes and two places on the leaves; also has utensil marks from normal use.  Still a very pretty decorative plate.  Priced accordingly.  9 1/2" diameter.

Z. S. & Co., Bavaria, Plate Item #2751 SOLD

SOLD#2375 PLS Hand Painted PlateSOLD

 Haven't been able to identify this particular mark.  Ready for wall display.  Intricate design on scalloped rim which is trimmed in gold.  The small and delicate flowers are hand painted.  7 1/2" diameter.

Old PLS Hand Painted Plate

Item #2375 SOLD

SOLD#2763 PT Germany PlateSOLD

 Mark is for Porcelain Factory Tettau and is dated c.1902 when the factory started operating under that name (one source says 1902; another says 1915).  (Sources:  Pages 42 and 487 of Rontgen's and pages 449-450 of Directory of  European Porcelain).  Beautiful turquoise and yellow colors and floral transfer decoration.  It is an old plate and has some wear of the gold on the rim edge.  8 1/4" diameter. 

P. T. Germany Plate Tettau Item #2763 SOLD


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