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Comments and Acclamations

We are pleased to have so many nice and loyal customers and viewers from so many areas of our nation as well as from various other countries of the world and are always pleased at the end of every transaction to receive such nice comments.  Therefore, I have started posting a few of those on this page.  These are by no means all of them, but are samplings as I have a chance to post them.

I only post initials, city, state, and country.  All personal and contact information is kept in strictest confidence.

If you are reading this and are one of our customers or viewers, past or present, and would be willing to e-mail us your comments, if you haven't already, please do so.  We are most appreciative.

You don't have to be a buyer in order to submit comments.  If you've found our website helpful and informative, or just like the way it looks, or you are impressed with our selections, etc., we like to hear those comments as well.

Look forward to hearing from you.

Click here to e-mail us.

Thanks for your help!!

Please forgive me.  I do get behind on my postings and know that I have missed posting some of your nice comments.

Please read these nice comments below that I do have posted.  If yours is not there, please feel free to resend it.

October 23, 2017 Thank you for such a wonderful website on Schumann.

June 15, 2017 I recently came across your website.  Your expertise is fantastic and I am very impressed with your knowledge regarding fine porcelain.

March 24, 2017 Thank you for your extremely comprehensive website.  I have visited it several times.....It looks like you really love your work.

October 4, 2016 Thank you very much for your informative website.  You have allowed me to identify my cup and saucer.

September 14, 2016 Thank you so very much for the wonderful site you have put together with all the back stamps.

August 23, 2016 I enjoyed your website which I found this morning after searching Google trying to find out about the set of Schumann china I just inherited from my father.  He was a medic
 in WWII, in the Battle of the Bulge and the Ardennes with the 87th Division of Patton's army.  He purchased and sent home to his new bride a full set of this china which
became her most treasured possession.  As a result, we were never allowed to use it, so it sat in her china cabinet until my Dad's death at 98 this year. 
Your website is so informative and interesting.  I must compliment you on the exhaustive work.

D.R., Great Barringtron, MA
August 14, 2016 I would love to compliment the Schumann page and all the information on it.  The information and pictures are incredible.  The Schumann company had a very long history with so many different markings and patterns.

C.H., Rhode Island
August 14, 2016 You have a wonderful site.  Not only beautiful to look at but very informative.

B.C., Tyler, Texas
August 9, 2016 I have just spent a good bit of time on your wonderful Schumann Marks and Patterns website page.  What an amazing collection of detail of this beautiful line of Bavarian
china you have assembled.  Thank you!

C.R., Newburyport, MA
August 8, 2016 Wow!  What extensive, comprehensive and helpful information for Schumann Bavarian china you have!

June 18, 2016 I came across your very detailed website today while searching for information about these plates I have.  Great stuff you have on there!!

D. in Germany
May 26, 2016 I found your wonderfully informative website online.  I'm going to bookmark and share it.

May 14, 2016 I came across your wonderful and very informative website in search of .......

C.S., South Australia
April 10, 2016 I've been trying to research Schumann Arzberg china and I'm very thankful for the information your site has produced!  You've done a lovely job with your site!

A.A., Richmond, Virginia
April 9, 2016 Thank you for such a tremendous site about Schumann.  It's wonderful!!

March 30, 2016 I wanted to let you know how much I appreciate the valuable information you provide on your website.  I've spent many hours researching...and your site is the first I go to with a new piece.


February 27, 2016 You have a great website!

P.K., Weirton, West Virginia

February 25, 2016 Wow.  What a great website you have.  So educational.


February 10, 2016 Your website has enlightened me and helped me countless times.

J.B., Washington D. C. area

January 15, 2016 I was on your site and I want to thank you for giving me information on a bud vase I have........Thank you for your site and your time.

L.D.L., Santa Rosa, California
January 15, 2016 You have a beautiful website with many amazing pieces and a lot of very useful information.


January 14, 2016 What a great website you have!

R.R., Hamilton, Massachusetts

January 6, 2016 Thank you so much for your kind and informative reply.  I appreciate the time you have taken to put together a fine website!


January 5, 2016 What a great site for information about Schumann china.

A.C., San Antonio, Texas

October 21, 2015 I would like to congratulate you for all the information you gathered concerning Schumann porcelain.  It is very helpful.

N.P., Greece

October 1, 2015 Your beautiful website has been so helpful to me over the years.


April 1, 2015 You have done a wonderful job concerning research and presentation!  Congratulations!  I have visited your website several times trying to identify marks.

D.H., Munich, Germany

March 25, 2015 Your website is fabulous!


March 7, 2015 Your site is great.  I'm sending  you a photo of a brooch I bought some years ago.  I think it can be useful to your Schumann research.

E.S., Puglia, Italy

January 20, 2015 I came across your very concise and informative website while researching a piece I recently found at our little local thrift shop.......I wish there were more websites like yours, because people can learn so much through your passion for what you do.....Thank you again for all your information.  It's not often in this world that one finds a person with a business who is willing to share their knowledge and expertise, not for money, but for the love of what they're doing.

L.M., Picton, ON, Canada

January 10, 2015 Oh my....your site is extensive!  You have done a lot of research.  You must love what you do.


December 1, 2014 Your website is lovely.


November 28, 2014 Thank you for such a well-documented history of the Schumann factory.  I very much enjoyed reading it.

L.S., Salem, Oregon, USA

November 28, 2014 I love  your website and use it often to check marks on china and porcelain.  It is a great help.


October 31, 2014 You have a really lovely website full of interesting pieces.

A.W.,  United Kingdom

October 7, 2014 I appreciate your website and have bookmarked it as one of my favorites.

D.C., Woodland Park, Colorado, USA

October 6, 2014 You have been of great help, and your website is like a mini bible.  The knowledge you impart has value.....

K.C., Seattle, Washington, USA

September 28, 2014 I just love your website and just stumbled across it by accident!

M.D., Fargo, North Dakota, USA

September 27, 2014 I am trying to figure out what I have here and your website is amazing.  I have received more information from you than anywhere else.......


September 15, 2014 Thank you for your amazing website!

D.M., Atlanta, Georgia, USA

September 8, 2014 Your website is the most informative on the internet....thank you!!

M.K., Canada

September 6, 2014 Thanks again for your help and your wonderful website.

T.M., Alberta, Canada

August 28, 2014 Your website is incredibly helpful.

T.M., Alberta, Canada

August 26, 2014 Loved reading your website!!  Best wishes for continued success!!

S.M., Los Angeles, California, USA

August 20, 2014 I want to thank you for your site....I have started looking up backstamps, and I appreciate the work you put into your site...

T., Frisco, Texas, USA

August 5, 2014 I want to say THANK YOU for this authoritative site.  I am so glad I found it!  I am always trying to tease out of the marks by whom & where & when a piece was made, if it is authentic, and if it is valuable or worth a bid at auction.  I have you bookmarked, and another tool is added to m toolbox!  I am very grateful!


July 30, 2014 I love your website!  I just came across it today, and it will be an absolute lifesaver for all of the porcelain and china that is filling up my home and waiting to be sold.  I learned a lot about Schumann today.  Thank you.

K.C., Seattle, Washington, USA

July 30, 2014 Just a quick note to say how much I enjoyed looking through your website.  It is very interesting to see how the fashions changed over years, both in colour and shapes.  It's great to see sites like yours where everyone can share information.

E.W., Rochester,Kent, United Kingdom

July 27, 2014 Yours is the only site I could find with information and back stamps on some pretty little bread and butter plates I found.  Thank you very much for your web pages.  Your work is much appreciated.


July 20, 2014 Thank you for answering my question.  Your website is really helpful--detailed and informative.

L., Melbourne, Australia

July 5, 2014 I came across your wonderfully informative website.....Your website is a treasure, and I'm so happy to have found it!

H.A., High Springs, Florida, USA

June 11, 2014 You have a beautiful website -- I have visited it often.  Thank you again.

C.R., Douglasville, Georgia, USA

June 1, 20014 I have really enjoyed your website.  It has been very helpful to me.  Because I've been to your website so many times, I actually was a little in awe to get your e-mail reply.


April 18, 2014 Thank you for your spectacularly detailed website.   I did a google search while researching a backstamp and found your website.  Based on the work you've done, I now believe I have a piece made by the Carl Schumann Porcelain Factory.  I can't wait to see what other gems your website holds when I research some of the other makers I have.  Thanks again for making this information available.  It had to be a monumental task putting all this information together. 

R.F., Cheyenne, Wyoming, USA

April 10, 2014 I am writing from the U.K. and have seen your very impressive website and your Schumann history.  It took me a good few hours to explore and read everything -- absolutely amazing!

N.B., U.K.

April 8, 2014 Thank you for having such an elegant and wonderful site.  What knowledge you have provided me and others, and I keep finding my way back to you; always such an enjoyable and educational experience!  Again, your site is wonderful, and I personally thank you for educating me and others on so much from the past that would otherwise be forgotten.

K.C., Northridge, California, USA

March 31, 2014 Thank you for sharing your research!  It is a wealth of information.  I really enjoy getting to the bottom of the marks, etc., on these older pieces, and your information helps greatly.  I find it all interesting and a fun mystery to solve.

G.C., West Hartford, CT, USA

March 24, 2014 Good afternoon.  Please let me thank you for the Schumann history on your site and all the research you have done.  It is so very informative..."

M.Q., Myrtle Beach, South Carolina, USA

March 10, 2014 Thank you for helping me.  I love china, and it was so nice to stumble upon your site.

L.M., Austin, Texas, USA

February 25, 2014 I wanted to take a moment to acknowledge and thank you for all the work you have put into your Dresden Schumann page.  What a treasure trove of information!  I am expecting my first pieces of Empress to arrive very soon and am looking forward to more carefully comparing the backstamps to your many photographs.  Thank you again for your years of work!

J.G., Des Moines, Iowa, USA

February 20, 2014 Your website is listed by Google as a resource for fine porcelain, and I have found it extremely helpful in identifying the porcelain set I am now acquiring.  The Glossary was also useful since I am a newcomer to this special world.

N.S., Newton Centre, Massachusetts, USA

February 13, 2014 I have several pieces of Schumann china, and your site has educated me on what I have.  Thank you for the very informative site and for the information on my china.

K.S., Gilroy, California, USA

February 2, 2014 Thank you for having such a wonderful website!  I appreciate all the time and effort you have put into it.  You have helped me figure out what some of the pieces are that I inherited from my grandmother -- Schumann Dresden Garland or Schumann Garland. 

S.C., West Deptford, New Jersey, USA

January 13, 2014 I love your information-packed website!!


December 14, 2013 You have an excellent site.  I had not seen all the variety of pieces, and they are really spectacular when you see them that way.


November 11, 2013 Wow!  What an incredible amount of work and good information that web page (Schumann) represents!  You are really an expert.  Thank you for that link.  It has been a great help.

M.M., New York City, USA

November 7, 2013 I wish to thank you for your website -- full of valuable information.


October 14, 2013 I love your website....

J.P.S., Concord, North Carolina, USA

October 6, 2013 I love your website....I found it to be the one with the most references....


September 10, 2013 Thank you for your website.  It has been very helpful in providing information....

S.C., Springfield, Missouri, USA

August 8, 2013 I found your site and am grateful for and impressed by all the research you have done about the Empress Dresden china and where it was made!!

R.R.G., Lexington, Kentucky, USA

August 6, 2013 When I went to the internet to research an item, I never would imagine that someone had compiled such an extensive bank ofinformation.  Well done!!

D.H., Kirklin, Indiana, USA

August 1, 2013 What an amazing collection of china and antiques you have.  Thank you for sharing all your wonderful stories and enthusiasm for history.

S.R., San Clemente, California, USA

July 30, 2013

I have enjoyed your site immensely!  Itís the best on Schumann Iíve researched.  Thank you from this dish lover!

N.F.B., North Carolina, USA

July 8, 2013 I have enjoyed visiting your most interesting website concerning the history of the Schumann factory....

E.H., Idaho, USA

June 26, 2013 I would like to compliment you on your lovely website.  It must be a great help to people who collect fine china but don't have any information on the maker and their distinctive maker's marks.

R.N., Missouri, USA

June 2, 2013 Greetings from northwest New Mexico.....Thank you for your wonderful website!

M.M., New Mexico, USA

March 20, 2013 Thank you for your wonderful web page with information on Bavarian porcelain.  Your website is amazing!

S.S., Iowa, USA

March 3, 2013 I came across your beautiful website with a lot of information.......

B.P., Netherlands

February 11, 2013 I came across your FABULOUS website.......Thank you so much for all of the information you provide.  It is an amazing amount of work and greatly appreciated.  I really appreciate your taking the time to answer my questions and all the time and energy you've put into your website.  It's an amazing resource of information; you're very generous!

K.P., Harrisburg, Pennsylvania, USA

January 28, 2013 I just began to look more closely at a Bavarian tea set that has been handed down to me -- Schumann Dresden Flowers -- and came across your site/research -- WOW!  Thank you for all the information you have included.


January 27, 2013 Let us congratulate you on your fantastic web page.  A truly amazing source of information for us collectors.

M.M., Sweden

January 25, 2013 Thank you for all the information you have gleaned.


January 23, 2013 Your website is very informative.  Thank you for all the research you have done.


January 23, 2013 What a terrific website!  I enjoyed looking through all the patterns and the stories.

P.R., Connecticut, USA

January 22, 2013 LOVE YOUR SCHUMANN WEB PAGE!  We are enjoying learning more about the Schumann china we inherited....

D.F., Baltimore, Maryland, USA

January 9, 2013 I want to thank you for the tremendous amount of work you have so generously contributed to china collectors and dealers.  Your site is so useful and interesting.

D.M.C., California, USA

November 13, 2012 Just a note to thank you for your very informative website.

L.B., Leicestershire, England

October 26, 2012 I've enjoyed spending time looking at your wonderful website on Schumann china......

L.S., North Vancouver B.C., Canada

September 21, 2012 Thanks so very much for your fascinating, exhaustive, well-organized page on Schumann china.  I cannot begin to imagine how many hours you have spent!

K.M., New Mexico, USA

September 12, 2012 I just got through reading your web page, and I must say it was wonderful and looks like you put a lot of hard work into it!

M.H. Elk Grove, California, USA

September 4, 2012 Thank you so very much for your comprehensive website with detailed makers' marks.  It has been very helpful to me in identifying several pieces of vintage and antique china that I inherited from my mother and aunt a number of years ago and finally have the time to research.

F.J., Edina, Minnesota, USA

August 29, 2012 ...I discovered your terrific website which contains vast amounts of information...Really enjoyed your website...You have so many beautiful things and such great information!!  Many thanks.


August 29, 2012 What a wonderful website you have!!  Lovely things.

S.B., Charlotte, North Carolina, USA

August 29, 2012 While cleaning out cupboards, I ran across a lovely plate!  When I googled the mark on the back, I discovered your terrific website which contains vast amounts of information......I really enjoyed your website.  You have so many beautiful things and such great information.!  Many thanks.


August 29, 2012 The porcelain marks on your website have helped me a a lot with identifying and dating my vase.  Thank you.  If you ever visit Prague, you are welcome in our store and gallery.

M.H., Prague, Czech Republic

August 13, 2012 I have been reading and rereading your website.  Thank you for providing so much information.

K. in USA

July 29, 2012 I am so impressed with the research you have done on the Schumann Dresden Empress Flowers marks.

B.A., Carrollton, Texas, USA

July 5, 2012 I have been enjoying looking at your extensive research on Schumann porcelain today on your website.  What a wonderful resource you have provided!!

J.S., Kansas City, Kansas, USA

July 4, 2012 I'm glad I found your website, as it is very interesting.

S.T., Ocala, Florida, USA

July 2, 2012 I came across your awesome website and thank you for sharing your expertise... thank you again for your incredible website.

C.A., Maple Creek, Saskatchewan, Canada

July 1, 2012 Congratulations on your website!  It's phenomenal and I can only imagine your passion for committing the thousands of hours to it.

D.M., Ontario, Canada

June 10, 2012 Thank you for your wonderful research.

V.S., Melbourne, Florida, USA

April 30, 2012 I'm mightily impressed with your website.  What comprehensive research and picture takings, etc!  Amazing.


April 9, 2012 I can't tell you how much I appreciate your site, full of valuable information and stories.....thank you for the breadth and depth of your site, your personal passion, and your willingness to help others.

S.S., Chicago, Illinois, USA

April 4, 2012 Let me compliment you on your extensive research into the Schumann family and their products.  Your website has proven quite valuable to me in helping to identify Schumann and other European china patterns, and I appreciate your willingness to share your knowledge.  I appreciate all your work and value your website as a resource for identification of china marks and patterns.

C.S., Selinsgrove, Pennsylvania, USA

March 10, 2012 I enjoyed your most informative site on the Schumann Dresden china.  Thank you.

K.H., Florida, USA

March 28, 2012 I love your website!!  So informative and beautifully put together.

S.W., Oklahoma City, Oklahoma, USA

February 29, 2012 Your website is awesome!  So much information!

J.O., Lexington, Kentucky, USA

February 22, 2012 Thanks to you for all the work you do for all of us and all your great information.  You are one of the few sites that has free marks and information these days.

L.A.H., Iowa, USA

February 19, 2012 I'm a tour guide at the Nemours Mansion in Delaware.  I've been doing research and have poured over books and websites and have to truly thank you for your postings on some particular marks I've been chasing.  You have been very helpful, and I appreciate your making me aware of the Warman's book.

Anonymous, Delaware, USA

February 16, 2012 ...what a remarkable job you have done on all the research on your site...

L.M. in Los Alamos, New Mexico, USA

February 11, 2012 have a very beautiful site, and I greatly appreciate your preserving such important pieces of history...

A.C. in Broomfield, Colorado, USA

February 10, 2012

Thank you!!  From your website I was able to track down the maker of my grandmotherís china...

P.C. in Wisconsin, USA

January 26, 2012 I want to tell you that your site is fantastic!  You have had to spend many many hours on it, and my hat is off to you.  You've done a tremendous job.

B.P. in Madison, Tennessee, USA

January 24, 2012 THANK YOU for such an outstanding site!  I've used it many times to ID porcelain wares I've come across and have pointed others there, too.  I REALLY appreciate all the time and effort you've put into it.  WONDERFUL site!

K.B. in Atlanta, Georgia, USA

January 17, 2012 Thanks for being so kind to answer my questions.  Now that I've found your website, I think I'll follow it -- there's a lot to learn there.  Thanks again.  I know your time is precious.

D.T. in Poquoson, Virginia, USA

December 22, 2011 Congratulations on having the most marvelously illustrated website for identifying bone china.  It seems to be way ahead of anything I've found in England, using Google.

D.B. in Dorset, England

December 18, 2011 I'd like to compliment you on your site.  It is beautiful and full of information.

P.E.B. in Maryland, USA

December 2, 2011 I love your website; it's the best.  Your website is so helpful and informational.  You bring so much knowledge together into one beautiful site.  You are doing such a great service for so many.  A big thank you!!!

D.H. in New York, USA

November 30, 2011 I received the Love Story teacup set, and it is perfect.  Thanks so much for taking such good care.  This is a gift for my mother-in-law who bought one back in the 1950's when she and my father-in-law were visiting Niagara Falls.  One of her four kids broke it and then put it back in the china cabinet about 40 years ago, and nobody ever knew what happened -- except the perpetrator, but nobody's talking!  I am so happy to be able to finally replace it, as my father-in-law just passed away last year, and she has such fond memories of that trip.  Thank you so much!

L.S. in Michigan, USA

October 16, 2011 I just love your site.  I think it is so interesting.

S. in the U.K.

October 14, 2011 Thank you for posting your research online -- it is an amazing resource for a very complicated bit of history.

P. in USA

September 28, 2011 Just letting you know your website is wonderful.  I've been able to receive a lot of information on some pieces I have from your site along.

M.B. in Leonardstown, Maryland, USA

September 24, 2011 Your site has been very helpful to me in identifying some of my grandmother's things....

L. in USA

September 24, 2011 I have referred to your site for many years.  You have such a nice site which has been progressing by leaps and bounds.  Keep up the good work!!

J.H. in Albany, Oregon, USA

September 3, 2011 I would like to say how magnificent your website is!  What a tremendous amount of work you've done.

R.P. in New Mexico USA

August 13, 2011 I applaud your excellent website--SO much information, and I especially love the Schumann stories!!!

J.S. in Wisconsin, USA

August 3, 2011 I was delighted to find your website and all the information you have on Schumann china.  Thank you for all the information you have given me.

R.F. in Rhode Island, USA

July 25, 2011 All I can say about your website is WOW!!!  A huge amount of information done in a thorough and systematic way.  You are to be commended.

D.T. in Delaware, USA

June 26, 2012 We love your website and refer to it often.

M. in Hampstead, Maryland, USA

June 12, 2011 Thank you for your great website.  As a new collector, I found the information very helpful.

C.E. in Niagara on Lake Ontario, Canada

May 8, 2011 I found your site, and it is wonderful.  I immediately put you into my favorites.  I can't believe the amount of work it must have taken to get all that information and pictures up and running.

L.G. in Nova Scotia, Canada

May 8, 2011 I found two nice pieces of Schumann porcelain.  In my research, I came across your site.  I want to compliment you on putting this information up on the internet.  It is a great reference.  Thank you. 

R.J. in Gainesville, Florida, USA

December 15, 2010 I can't thank you enough for the've given me more information than I would have ever tilled on my own....!!

K.L. in San Antonio, Texas, USA

November 13, 2010 Thank you so very much for the valuable information and history posted on your website about Schumann Bavaria china.  It is fascinating and obviously meticulously have been most kind, thoughtful, and helpful to me regarding my Schumann Marie Antoinette plates.

M.J.M., Evanston, Illinois, USA

September 16, 2010 Thanks for the information.  I have been sending folks to your site for sometime now.  It is in my top three china sites.  Running across your site has been one of the best things to happen for me this year.

R.M., Cookeville, Tennessee, USA

September 15, 2010 Thank you very much for your information.  I have been all around the internet trying to find some information on these pieces unsuccessfully until now..  I would be honored if you decide to add these pictures to your Tables of Fine Porcelain.  Once again, thank you!!

M.M. in Australia

April 7, 2010 Your catalog of identification marks is mesmerizing in its scope.  Thank you for making this available online.

M.M., Fairfax, Virginia, USA

March 17, 2010 I really enjoyed your website.  What a nice service.  You have so much history there.  I was very impressed.

M.B., Eau Claire, Wisconsin, USA

February 22, 2010 As you know, I also specialize and collect Schumann china and am very grateful for all the knowledge you have gathered and shared with Schumann collectors and dealers.

B.J., Virginia, USA

February 22, 2010 Wow, you have been more help than anyone, and I so very much appreciate your time and knowledge....

S.M., Petersburg, Illinois, USA

February 22, 2010 I truly appreciate your help.  You have absolutely beautiful items on your website.....Most people are not as nice and accommodating in answering questions.  Again, thank you.

K.L., Mt. Sterling, Illinois, USA

February 20, 2010 I really enjoyed your site and the extensive research you have done on the marks.  Thanks so much for the information.

See Q & A posting of February 20, 2010, for more details.

S.R., Santa Fe, Texas, USA

February 18, 2010 I have been researching your site and have learned much about Schumann china. Your website is wonderful and so informative.  I introduced it to my mother who is 87.  I took her upstairs to view your website, as I knew she would love exploring it and seeing what you have.  There she sat, with her pen in hand, writing down instructions on how to access your site.  She was thrilled...together we sat and checked it out.  She has many lovely things herself, so got a real kick out of exploring and seeing what similar things you have.  It was such a special time. 

Of course, this is what makes the internet so wonderful...finding sites like yours, with so many great things to look at.  We both commented on how much my grandmother would have loved the internet...she would have loved Efineantiques! My grandmother was an apple rancher up in the interior of British Columbia, Canada.  During WW II, people traded their treasures with my grandparents for boxes of apples!!  Thank you for helping me identify the Schumann Empress U. S. Zone teacups that I found among my Grandmother's treasures.

What will be so great is knowing Mom can explore your site during times when she feels like walking involved...just the click of the mouse and she can spend time antiquing!

This is so special.  Thank you.

Libby, Vancouver, Canada

February 9, 2010 I love your website.  It is the best and so informative.  I'm always looking up information on old plates and admire the beautiful porcelain from the past.

D.L., Toronto, Ontario, Canada

February 8, 2010 What a great website on Schumann porcelain......

B.L., Victoria, British Columbia, Canada

February 2, 2010 I stumbled across your fantastic site -- what a great resource; clearly a labor of love!

L.C., Portland, Oregon, USA

January 10, 2010 Thank you very much for your time and attention to detail.  You have been very helpful to my family.  I love your website!


August 31, 2009 Your site is beautiful, well-designed, easy to navigate, and very informative.  Thank you so much.  It has been a great help in directing me "how to" do such research.

B.W., Interlochen, Michigan, USA

May 10, 2009 Your website on the Carl Schumann Porcelain Factory is very impressive!!...Thank you for a beautiful and informative website.

R.S., Washington, D.C., USA

April 25, 2009 "...your website is a great outlet for information!!

D.M., Amarillo, Texas, USA

March 24, 2009 Your website is the most comprehensive of anything I've read online about Schumann.....


February 5, 2009 The order arrived today safe and sound.  You did an outstanding job of packing the china.  I was delighted to see such a large selection of Schumann and will be ordering again.  Thank you.

H.R., Houston, Texas, USA

September 19, 2008

The Schumann dish  arrived safely today.  It was in good condition, having been beautifully wrapped for shipment.  Thank you.

K.W., Belgrade, Montana, USA


September 8, 2008

The Dresden lamp arrived.  It is wonderful!!!  This is the first lamp I've seen that I really like.  Thank you for offering it.  Thank you for such marvelous packing. 

P.L., Baker City, Oregon, USA


May 31, 2008

The beautiful Dresden compote arrived in this morning's mail.  Thank you for wrapping it so very securely and getting it out so promptly.  I am thrilled with it.  It has been wonderful doing business with you -- someone who helps, explains, and does as they say they will do.  Integrity, honesty, knowledge, beautiful artifacts, and good service are hard to find all in one place.

C.S.H.,  Atlanta, Georgia, USA


March 6, 2008

We received our teapot and sugar and creamer (Schumann Empress) this afternoon.  They arrived safely and are beautiful.  The gift was for my wife's birthday present.  She was born March 4, 1945.  We noted that the teapot could possibly have been made in 1945, so she plans to tell the story her way and say the teapot is as old as she is.  My response was that she is holding up just as well as the teapot, and the teapot is perfect!  Thanks for all your help and for packing our order so carefully.  We look forward to another occasion so that I can add to her collection.

W.B., Ridgeland, Mississippi, USA


February 15, 2008

Thank you for the shipment, which arrived in perfect condition.  I also appreciate that you took the time to match the scenes on the cups.  Thank you, again!

L.M., Centennial, Colorado, USA


January 24, 2008

I want to mention how helpful your references are on your website.  It really gives one a much clearer picture of the history of these wonderful pieces and the artists who produced them.  Thanks for all your hard work.

S., Carmel, California, USA


January 3, 2008

I received the Limoges sugar and creamer set today, and I can't be more pleased!!!!!  Wonderful packing job.  They are absolutely beautiful -- thank you so very much -- I will treasure them.

M.V., Los Alamitos, California, USA


November 21, 2007

I am a 19-year-old college student at Purdue University in Indiana and I love antique shopping.  Today, I purchased a small oval-shaped dish.  I noticed the stamp on the back was Schumann Bavaria Germany US Zone.  I decided to look it up on the internet because I thought the US Zone was from the start of the Cold War.  I am so happy you have so many details on your site!  I compared the design, the stamp, and the crown and learned that it is from 1945-1949!  Thank you so much for having all this knowledge about Schumann!  Happy Thanksgiving!

A.C, Indiana, USA


November 19, 2007

I just received the coffee pot (Schumann Empress Dresden).  It is exactly like the one that was broken.  I am very happy with it.  It is in excellent condition, just as I wanted.

F.Q., Ashburn, Virginia, USA


October 28, 2007

Your site is awesome.  It has answered several of my questions, including what happened to the Schumann factory....

CS, Warren, Michigan, USA


October 13, 2007

Your website is one of the best.  I've had some items appraised, and even the appraisers compliment you on your work.

Anne, USA


September 25, 2007

Thank you for putting together such a wonderful website and for sharing so much information!  It's a beautiful site and an excellent reference source.

We bought several pieces of hand painted china/porcelain last weekend at an estate sale.  I could not find the marks in several of the reference books I have, so decided to search the internet.  I came upon your site and found every single mark I was looking for, as well as many I've had to spend time looking up in the past.  The information you provide is concise, the photos with the enlargement feature is wonderful, and I especially appreciate the reference sources that you cite.

We've been collecting for ourselves for many years, did antique shows for a number of years, and now I'm selling off some of the surplus items on ebay.  I tell you this because I want you to know that with this past experience, I have encountered many dealers, shop owners, etc., who will not share any information at all with anyone.  Your willingness to educate and inform, as well as sell some fantastic pieces, is refreshing and very much appreciated.  You are a true professional in every sense of the word!  So, thank you so much for putting so much time and effort into making a valuable reference source from which many can learn!!

A.H., Detroit, Michigan, USA


September 17, 2007

I came across your excellent website this evening.  Thank you for all your work.  It's been very helpful!

Tami, USA


September 17, 2007

Thank you for responding to my e-mail and for the information.  It is sometimes very hard to find information on are a dear and your help is much appreciated.



September 7, 2007

Your website is unbelievable.  There is a wealth of information which is definitely appreciated by many.

Jacques, Tampa Bay, USA


August 30, 2007

Your website is truly an inspired work!  I wish you much success and look forward to my next journey through your lovely website.  Best wishes to you always.



August 29, 2007

You have a great site!......You are a huge resource and a great asset to the online community.  Kindest regards.

L.R., Sweetwater, Tennessee, USA


August 28, 2007

I want to say how impressed I am by your is amazing.  I have added it to my "favorites" on my computer so that I can reference it again.



August 13, 2007

Someone sent me your website, and I have to say it's chock full of information about Schumann.  I now have it bookmarked.  Thanks.

T.G., Olathe, Kansas, USA


August 7, 2007

My package arrived today, and I love it (Wedgwood demitasse)!!  Thank you!!

L.B.S., Taylors, South Carolina, USA


August 5, 2007

I would like to thank you for retaining archives of past sales since I believe it helped me unravel a mystery of nearly two years.  I am a dealer and your archives have been highly beneficial.  Thank you.



July 27, 2007

Your site is just wonderful and very helpful!!  Thanks for taking the time for doing it.

D.A., Warrensville, North Carolina, USA


July 21, 2007

Just found your wonderful website.  Could spend days there.  Thank you for all the work.

A viewer in San Antonio, Texas, USA


July 20, 2007

Just found your site today while researching a reticulated Schumann dish I purchased at a garage sale this morning.  Great site with much information.  Found the the mark and the pattern.  Many thanks.

M.W., Titusville, Florida, USA


July 7, 2007

What a wonderful surprise for our anniversary!!  The teapot (Schumann Empress) arrived today....thank you for all the interesting history on your website, for the careful packing, and for the lovely teapot to add to our collection.

P.M., Tulsa, Oklahoma, USA


June 25, 2007

I recently began researching a piece of Schumann we own, and my internet travels let me to you.  Wow!  I have got to tell you that your website is fascinating.  I spent a couple of very enjoyable hours pouring over what you have put together over the years.

D.M., Cleveland, Ohio, USA


May 26, 2007

I am so excited to have found your website and to discover so much about my beloved china, Schumann Empress Dresden.  I fell in love with this china in 1972 as I was deciding on a pattern for my upcoming wedding.....Thank you for your wonderful website with the informative history of my china AND the nice pieces you have available for purchase.....I've bookmarked your website and will continue to drool over the wonderful history, your comments, the photos of my beloved Schumann Empress Dresden, and the pieces you have listed for sale!!



May 1, 2007

I opened the shipment just are amazing!!!  Everything arrived in mint condition and unscathed!! You are surely the premo packer!!!

L.G., Annapolis, Maryland, USA


April 30, 2007

I've spent quite a bit of time today looking at your website.  The information is fascinating and informative.  Keep up the good work.  Your passion for your work shows in your website.

P.H., San Antonio, Texas, USA


April 27, 2007

Thanks so much for this fantastic and informative site.

J.W., Kelowna, British Columbia, Canada


April 18, 2007

Thanks so much for getting back to me.  I so appreciate your time, as I'm sure you get a million questions.  You have been more than helpful.  Thanks again.  You are one of the best websites that I've come across!

L.B., Arizona, USA 


April 6, 2007

The gravy boat (Schumann Empress) came today -- going to use it for Easter.  Thank you again -- it was very well packed!!!

M.T., Tryon, North Carolina, USA


March 19, 2007

Your website is wonderful and your pieces are gorgeous.

L.T., St. Charles, Missouri, USA


March 19, 2007

I received the Crimson Rambler bowl today.  I am so pleased you sent it out so soon.  Your packing was very good.  Thanks again.

O.R., Bowling Green, Kentucky, USA


February 23, 2007

I stumbled upon your website trying to identify a trademark on a chocolate pot and found your great information on trademarks.  Thanks for all your help and thanks also for all the great information.  I really learned a lot.

D.L., Knoxville, Tennessee, USA


February 21, 2007

The plates (Schumann Forget-Me-Not) arrived yesterday.  They were in perfect condition, and I think they are just beautiful -- exactly as advertised.  I appreciate the great wrapping job.  Thanks again.

S.L., Howard, Pennsylvania, USA


February 20, 2007

Received tea set and cake plate (Schumann Dresden) late today.  Everything arrived safely.  Thanks for the fast shipping and for packing so well.  Also, thanks again for all your help.

S.B., Orangevale, California, USA


February 15, 2007

Thank you for your awesome research.  Collectors get to know a lot of history about their pieces.

B.S., Central Florida,USA


February 6, 2007

I have some Bavarian plates and was most fortunate to find your amazing website.  Many, many thanks for your beautiful work.  

J. S. in Massachusetts, USA


February 5, 2007

Dear Mrs. Dickinson:  Thank you for your informative and beautiful website which has answered many questions for me regarding the set of Schumann"Empress" Dresden Flowers which has been in my family since 1938.  I recently passed the set, which was my late Mother's, to my niece.  I wrote the essay below which I would like to share with you.  Warm regards, Sheila M. Linton, New York, New York

Click here for Sheila's beautiful essay and pictures of her Schumann

Click here for Sheila's personal website and more of her beautiful writings

Dear Sheila:  I am thrilled beyond words to have received your e-mail.  Thanks so much for sharing your family's wonderful history of acquiring, using, loving, and bequeathing your beautiful Schumann.  My sincerest best wishes to you and your family, Sharon Dickinson


January 24, 2007

I just received my (MZ Austria) sauce bowl and underplate and am so thrilled with it.  Thank you for taking such care packaging it -- I received it in beautiful condition.  It was truly a pleasure doing business with you, and I hope to do so again in the future.

C.B., Wakefield, Rhode Island, USA


January 15, 2007

I found your website last year while surfing the internet for fine porcelain antiques.  I have returned several times to admire some of the items you have for sale.  Several days ago, I had some spare time and happened to click on the "Schumann China" information.  To my great surprise, it helped to answer a question that has plagued me since Hurricane Katrina destroyed my mother's home in 2005.  Who was the manufacturer of Mother's china and exactly what was the pattern name?

My father gave the china to her as an anniversary present in the late 1950's or early 1960's.  With that china, Mother taught me table manners as well as an appreciation for family gatherings and entertaining guests.  As I grew older, I occasionally thought I really must track down the manufacturer and pattern name, but I always thought I had time to do it.  Hurricane Katrina ended that hope when it destroyed her home.  In the debris of her home, I found only one small piece of one plate.  In the months since Katrina, as people have asked me what I missed the most of all the furnishings in my own home, I have told them I regretted nothing in the loss of my own home as much as the loss of my mother's china from her house.

I have trolled many china websites trying to identify her china and had just about given up until I clicked on the Schumann link on your website and finally began to head in the right direction.  I have now been able to find a number of replacement pieces which my brother and I plan to give Mother for her birthday.

I just want to thank you for your wonderful and informative Schumann information.  I know it must have taken much research and patience to pull it together.  Without it, I don't know how many years and time, if ever, it would have taken me to identify our lost family treasure.  Thank you so much!  And, I will continue to watch your website.

A.J., Ocean Springs, Mississippi, USA


December 10, 2006

The order (Schumann) arrived in perfect condition.  Thanks so much!!

R.D., Columbia, South Carolina, USA


November 14, 2006

First and foremost, let me say how pleased and satisfied I am with the recent arrival of my order.  Above and beyond.  The Rose plates will be a perfect Christmas gift.  Many Thanks and Best Regards.

B.P., LaPlata, Maryland, USA


October 23, 2006

Just wanted to let you know the beautiful cup and saucer (R.S.Prussia) arrived safe and sound.  Thank you.

S.W., Winter Haven, Florida, USA


October 18, 2006

I really appreciate your website and the Schumann history you have put together.  It was very helpful.  Thank you for your time and energy putting it together and keeping it updated.

Patty in Dallas, Texas, USA


September 29, 2006

I just received my package this morning and I've never had anything packed so thoroughly before.  The bowls are beautiful.  Once again, thank you for your assistance.

H.K., Ontario, Canada


August 31, 2006

Just a quick e-mail to let you know the coffee pot arrived safely.  It is beautiful.  Thank you once again. 

M.C., Ohio, USA


July 28, 2006

I received the (Japanese Blue Lustreware) tea set today.  Thank you.  It was packed so well and is in perfect condition.  I appreciate the extra touches on the wrapping and packing.

B.B., Alabama, USA


July 28, 2006

Aloha.  Received the teacups and saucers yesterday afternoon.  They are just gorgeous.  Mahalo!

J.V.B., Hawaii, USA


July 25, 2006

Just wanted to let you know the beautiful Pansy plate arrived.  Thank you so much for taking the time to package it so securely.  It is an absolutely beautiful plate.  I will be checking back frequently for more beautiful items.

K.W., Canada


July 16, 2006

Your website is one of the best organized and most interesting I have ever seen.  Precise, dedicated work went into your effort.  Thanks for your time and interest.

L.P., Biloxi, Mississippi, USA


June 14, 2006

I love your website.  You give pertinent information and then point the way to more indepth study for the person to pursue if they so wish.  It is very well done, easy to navigate, has clear pictures, and lots of information.  I've bookmarked it and will be using it to see if I can find out about some of my porcelain pieces.  Thanks.  I really appreciate it.

C.B., Switzerland


June 2, 2006

I am happy that the two pair of cups and saucers (Royal Albert Prairie Rose) arrived safely today.  Thank you for packing them so thoughtfully.  You have been true to your word and delivered the excellent products amidst the scammers that are all around us.  Thank you.

B.C., Daly City, California, USA


May 22, 2006

The plates (Haviland) arrived safely.  She (Mother) was thrilled with them.  Thank you so much.

L.M., McCormick, South Carolina, USA


May 16, 2006

I just wanted to let you know I received the lovely coffee set safe and sound.  It is absolutely beautiful and will look stunning in my breakfront.  Thank you also for the care you took in packing all the pieces.  I know much time was spent in wrapping each piece, and I certainly do appreciate your efforts.  I look forward to future visits to your (web) shop.

L.A.D., Hamburg, New Jersey, USA


May 4, 2006

The package arrived safely and completely in tact this afternoon.  As advertised, the pieces (Schumann Empress) were all in great shape and will make fine additions to my grandmother's set.  Thank you so much for your prompt and careful attention to all details.  I am one very satisfied customer.

S.B.,West Orange, New Jersey, USA


April 14, 2006

I received the Shelley cup and saucer today.  The set is beautiful.  Thank you.

P.L., Hastings, Minnesota, USA


April 13, 2006

Today the order (Schumann Dresden) arrived safe and sound.  I thank you very much for your service -- accurate, timely, efficient.  Now, I have a complete set and greet and wish you a Happy Easter!

G.B., Castiglione Olona, Italy


March 19, 2006

I know absolutely nothing about china and was surfing the web looking for information when I came across your site.  I have to tell you that, of the many sites I visited, you have the most extensive and comprehensive site about Schumann porcelain.  If it were not for sites like yours, I would never have the chance to learn about the treasures I find.  Thanks so much for sharing.

C.W., Moore, Oklahoma, USA


March 8, 2006

The items arrived yesterday and I picked them up this morning.  They are even nicer than the photo's showed!  The packing was very effective, and I will not hesitate to recommend you to others who are seeking fine porcelain.

D.B., Fayetteville, Texas, USA


February 19, 2006

My Sevres Cherub Plate arrived in perfect order!!  It is absolutely stunning.....I love it!!  I look forward to doing business with you in the future and spreading the word on this fabulous website.

L.B., Nephi, Utah, USA


February 15, 2006

Today the bowl (Dresden Saxony) has arrived.  It is very, very nice and I am so happy with it.  It's so nice on my Dresden table!!!  My compliments about the packing and shipping....SUPER!!!  Thanks again and from here a warm greeting.

H.W., Holland


February 10, 2006

The (Schumann) demicups are beautiful!!  The parcel has come safe and sound.  I'm doing another order.  Thanks.

G.B., Italy


February 2, 2006

I received the package last night.  It must have taken you hours to pack.  I have never seen anything like it!! So, of course, the items arrived here safely after the long journey half way around the world, and they (Schumann Chateau plates and compote) were certainly worth waiting for!!  Just as beautiful as I expected.  Thank you.

I.S., Denmark


January 23, 2006

We took delivery of the antiques (Sitzendorf cherub compotes) today.  They are lovely and wonderful.  Thank you very much.  They arrived safely with no damage thanks to exceptionally good packaging.  We appreciate all your help.

L.G., United Kingdom


January 21, 2006

I received my order -- the Old Paris vase and decorative plates.  Everything was in perfect order and just beautiful!!  I this website.  I can't stay off of it and visit it at least once a day!!!

L.B., Nephi, Utah, USA


January 2, 2006

The (Schumann) china we purchased from you made an incredible Christmas gift to my Mom.  Thanks again for all of your assistance.

E.R., San Antonio, Texas, USA


November 25, 2005

The Schumann Chateau plate arrived today, and it's BEAUTIFUL.  Thank you so very much!!!  Leftover Thanksgiving turkey dinner tastes even BETTER on my new plate!

J.S., Armonk, New York, USA


November 2, 2005

I just wanted to share with everyone how wonderful you are to work with as a buyer of fine china.  You were not only agreeable to work with on negotiating a price that was fair to both of us, but you provided such detailed wrapping, packing, and shipping information that my collection of old Schumann china made the trip from my home in Indiana to Texas in fine shape.  Thank you!!

C.P., Fort Wayne, Indiana, USA


November 1, 2005

Thank you for the hard work you must have gone to for all the Schumann information on your website.  I've spent many happy moments trying and wondering at the patience of your putting that area of your website together.  I have your website in my favorites so I can get back to it quickly.  Thanks again.

J., Talladega, Alabama, USA


October 28, 2005

It's BEAUTIFUL!!!  Thank you so much for this beautiful item.  Regards.

K.J.C., South Korea


October 15, 2005

Excellent vase!!!  As usual, the best!!!

H.S., Des Moines, Iowa, USA


August 16, 2005

I received my items yesterday, and I'm very happy and pleased with them -- they are great -- everything is beautiful.  You know that I will continue to look on your website for other things.  You sure did a good job packing -- it took me some time to get to them.  It felt like Christmas.  Thank you so much for everything.

From:  D.F., Des Plaines, IL, USA


August 13, 2005

I cannot thank you enough for the information you provided.  We love your site.  It is marked as our favorite; when we purchase dishes, this is the place we trust the most to buy product.  We are in Ojai, California, just outside Santa Barbara.  Ojai is known in particular for its Arts -- some of the finest potters and artists come from this area.  Of course, we love having nice pieces on display.  Your site offers the nicest.  I really appreciate you and your business.  When my friends are looking for items to decorate their houses -- which is all the time -- I tell them immediately about your site.  Thank you so much.

J.F., Ojai, California, USA


August 2, 2005

I love your site and have found it to be very enjoyable after many hours of scanning through it.  It is incredible, beautiful, and informative.  I know that it takes hours and hours and many more hours to put a site like yours together.  Thanks to your site, I am better informed.

A.C., Jacksonville, Florida, USA


July 27, 2005

I really like your website.  It is full of useful information.  I truly appreciate your help.  Thanks again!!

D.D., Wichita, Kansas, USA


July 25, 2005

The plates arrived this morning and they are a wonderful example of Derby.  I'm delighted with them.  Your packaging is excellent.  It took what seemed forever to open.  Thanks again.

A.S., Nottingham, England


June 30, 2005

Your web page was referred to me through a forum and I wanted to let you know I thought it WONDERFUL...very informative.  I am impressed with your site and have it bookmarked for help with marks.

D.W., Palm Beach Gardens, Florida, USA


May 12, 2005

The Dresden inkpot arrived today.  Thank you for taking care of how you packed and shipped.  It is beautiful with no damage.  It has a special place, and I will enjoy it for years to come.  Thanks again for a wonderful internet shopping experience.

P.L., Oregon, USA


May 8, 2005

Thanks for working so hard and providing us with your information on the website.  It is so interesting.

V.O., Oregon, USA


April 18, 2005

We received the plaque today -- PRISTINE!!!  Love it.  It will rate as one of my best purchases to date.  Thank you again.  You are all "class" with top quality products.

H.S., Des Moines, Iowa, USA


April 16, 2005

I've just discovered your website!!  Thank you for all the hard work you've put into the marks and then sharing that with others!  I was able to identify several teacup and saucer sets that I have with the information.  Thank you for even more help (through e-mails) by identifying a mark I couldn't find.  Thanks for everything!!

Y.P., New York, USA


April 6, 2005

I studied your website and I give you my compliments.  It is fantastic.  Greetings from the Netherlands.

I.V., Hoofddorp, Holland


April 5, 2005

Thank you very much for all your help.  You are most kind and helpful.  I appreciate that.  This is becoming exciting doing all this research, and the many beautiful things I am finding and things I am learning are all great!!

D.A., Rosamond, California, USA


March 16, 2005

I was browsing Yahoo and searched for Silesia, and your site was the first in the search.  I was so totally delighted to browse your site, see all your lovely things, and especially to see the time and care you have taken to provide so much wonderful pictoral and research information for those of us who are beginning and don't know where to look.  Thank You!!!!!  I just had to let you know what a wonderful experience it was to find your site.  Thanks and God bless.

K.M. in Waldport, Oregon, USA


March 3, 2005

I so love your website.  It is fun to peruse and beautiful and informative all at the same time.

M.G. in LaCanada, California, USA


February 21, 2005

Just letting you know that the Elite Works Limoges cups and saucers just arrived and I could not be happier with my purchase and our transaction.  The items were so very well packaged that there was no way they could arrive other than safe and sound.  You obviously went to a great deal of trouble!  It has been an absolute pleasure dealing with you, and I truly appreciate your pleasant and friendly manner.  Thank you so much.  I will return -- until then, best regards.

K.C. in New South Wales Australia


February 19, 2005

Thanks for your prompt and informative reply.  I love your website.  It has been invaluable in helping me identify different items.

D. in Neodesha, Kansas, USA


February 6, 2005

I cannot express my thanks enough for helping me with this Dresden candleholder.  The mark on it had me stumped, but then I found your website and you e-mailed the answer I was looking for.  I am always looking for a website to help me with identification of pieces that stump me, and I'm sure you'll be receiving more e-mails from me in the future.  I value your opinion.  Thanks for the tip on the book; my library is growing!  Thanks again for your help.  I truly appreciate it.  Click here for pictures and information about P.M.'s beautiful Dresden candleholder.

P.M. in Sudbury, Massachusetts, USA


January 27, 2005

Once again, thanks for producing such an informative and helpful website.  I really appreciate all the information you provided me on the Schumann china.  Thanks again!  Click here for pictures and information about C.D.'s beautiful hand painted china collection.

C.D. in California, USA


January 27, 2005

The beautiful china arrived and I'm so pleased with it.  Wow!  You sure know how to pack!!!

D.M. in Tennessee, USA


January 26, 2005

The order arrived in good condition.  Great packaging!  Thanks for prompt and efficient service. 

D.V. in British Columbia, Canada


January 14, 2005

Thank you for the beautiful plate and cup and saucer (and other items we ordered).  We arrived home from the hospital and the package was here waiting.  Your kindness is sincerely appreciated.  We can't thank you enough.  God Bless You.

B.F. in York, Pennsylvania, USA


January 8, 2005

Thanks very much for your information.  This is very useful and of great help.  Thanks also for getting back to me so quickly.  I really appreciate all your time and effort for me.  Click here for pictures and information about L.H.'s beautiful old Dresden china made by Carl Thieme Saxony Porcelain.

L.H. in Bedfordshire County, England


January 1, 2005

You certainly have a lot of very interesting information on Schumann, and you've done a wonderful job of displaying it.  Thanks for your help.

L.L. in Charleston, South Carolina, USA


December 28, 2004

I want to tell you that I gave my friend the tea cup for Christmas.  She thinks it is beautiful.  It is already on display.  Thanks again, and I will pass your website on to anyone I know who is interested.

J.H. in Sierra Vista, Arizona, USA


December 27, 2004

Package received today in excellent condition.  It was a pleasure to do business with you.  Wishes of a Happy New Year!!  Best regards.

R.R. in Portugal


December 27, 2004

Thank you so much for your quick reply (to my question).  Let me say that your company has the most beautiful china I have ever seen in one place.  I mean, just gorgeous, delicate lovelies.  Thank you again.

W.G.C. in California, USA


December 27, 2004

The demitasse arrived safely and is lovely.  Thank you for the prompt shipment!  My sister-in-law will love it!

S.K. in Texas, USA


December 23, 2004

My china arrived today and I am just so super-excited to receive such beautiful pieces.  I wanted the old ones because they are so intricate and beautiful.  Thank you very much. Have a wonderful Christmas and all the best in the New Year.

T.W. in Grand Cayman, Cayman Islands


December 8. 2004

I received the cup and it was in perfect condition.  Thank you so much for sending it so quickly.  Now I know it is here in time for Christmas.  I will indeed keep you in mind for further purchases.

J.H. in Sierra Vista, Arizona, USA


December 2, 2004

They all arrived in perfect condition today!!  Thank you so much.  They will make just the right touch for our Holiday table!

D.D. in Bedford, New York. USA


November 23, 2004

The plates came today and were in excellent condition.  Thank you for packing them so well.  I have had many glass items mailed to me and your packing job was by far the best!!  Happy Thanksgiving!!

C.S. in Redmond, Washington, USA


November 22, 2004

The vegetable bowl arrived this date in perfect condition.  You are an excellent packer which eases the nerves when opening this type of package.  Thanks for the fine service.  Yours truly,

B.H. in Kenora, Ontario, Canada


November 4, 2004

G'day from down under -- just letting you know that we received the figurine today.  It arrived intact and safe.  Actually, for it to have any damage, it would had to have gone via an earthquake, as you had packed exceptionally well.  Thank you for your attention to the handling of it.  My wife is thrilled with the figurine and has the problem of where to move it to get the best view of it.  Thank you again.  We are very happy with the purchase and your care in packaging such a delicate item. 

R.H. in Burpengary, Queensland, Australia


November 1, 2004

The Rockwell's arrived Monday afternoon, in perfect condition.  Great wrapping job, great service.  Enjoyed doing business with you.  Feel free to quote me.  You are a fine, responsible dealer.  Best wishes for your continued success.

M.K. in New City, NY, USA


October 23, 2004

I can't begin to thank you enough for your help and so quickly!!  My family will be thrilled!!  We treasured the vases anyway, but knowing how old and remarkable they are makes them all the more wonderful.  (Click here for this fascinating yet tragic story.)

C.P. in The Ozark Mountains Regions, USA


October 17, 2004

I am very impressed with your website and have learned quite a lot about a piece of Schumann dinnerware my mother left to me.  Thank you.

G.H.M. in St. Thomas, Ontario, Canada


September 22, 2004

The small beautiful table arrived in good shape and I love the rouge marble top.  Thank you very much for being a very caring seller.

G.J. in Austin, Texas, USA


September 19, 2004

Thanks for your site.  I'm a new collector and have used your site for my education.  It's so well laid out.  Look at the pieces, then the mark -- it's good.

T. in (location unknown)


September 17, 2004

I received the Nippon vase today.  It arrived here in perfect condition because of your great packing.  It is so beautiful and I am very pleased with this purchase.  Thank you very much.

H. N. in Los Angeles, California, USA


September 14, 2004

Tea set delivered intact today.  Looks lovely when added to the pieces I already have.  Never saw such packing in my life!!!!!!  Once again, thanks for your help.

P.L. in Londonderry, Northern Ireland, United Kingdom


August 26, 2004

Received my figurines and they are GORGEOUS!  I really appreciate all the extra pictures you sent me and going the whole 10 yards on everything, including packing!!

D.G. in Boca Raton, Florida, USA


August 25, 2004

I just received the Orlik Germany Dresden Style Tea Cup and Saucer in the mail today.  It's a gift from my parents for my birthday, and it arrived on my birthday!!  The pictures on the internet just don't do it justice -- it is so beautiful, more beautiful than the pictures!!  I just love it!!  It was packaged so well and arrived in perfect condition.  You have great service as well!!

D.M. in Rockford, Minnesota, USA


August 18, 2004

Just want to let you know the tea set and silver tray arrived safe and sound a few days ago.  We couldn't be more pleased, and we are thoroughly enjoying it!!  Thank you once again for your attention and help.

C.&J.P. in Hammond, Louisiana, USA


August 16, 2004

The cherub pieces arrived safely.  They are precious!!  Thanks again.

J.P. in Fairmont, West Virginia, USA


August 9, 2004

Thank you for the cups.  They are beautiful!!

R.C. in Bethesda, Maryland, USA


July 28, 2004

The plates arrived in admirable condition and are very attractive.  Thank you.

D.W. in Tucson, Arizona, USA


July 19, 2004

Thanks!!  The cup and saucer arrived this afternoon, and it was a welcome sight.  My husband has been drinking coffee out of that set since 1976 and I broke the saucer just last week.  We are delighted to have a "complete set" again.

J.M. in Ashburn, Virginia, USA


July 19, 2004

Thank you!!  The plates are gorgeous.  They arrived today.  I'm so pleased with them.  Great packing -- no breakage!!

J.R. in Naples, Florida, USA


July 15, 2004

Just wanted to drop you a line to let you know the Dresden china arrived safely yesterday afternoon.  You really did a wonderful job of wrapping everything up so nicely for shipping.  I love it and am already using it this morning for breakfast!!  You are a delight to work with.

B.A. of Greenville, South Carolina, USA


July 14, 2004

I received my dishes today, and they were in great shape!  Thank you so much!

E.S. in Hettinger, North Dakota, USA


July 2, 2004

We opened the package today.  My aunt loves both items.  Thank you for the quick shipment and excellent packing.  Have a great holiday.

P.O. in Lake Forest, Illinois, USA


June 28, 2004

The Nippon arrived today.  I'm so pleased with all the items.  Thank you.

K.W. in Sunnyvale, California, USA

June 23, 2004

The gold salt and peppers arrived promptly and in excellent condition.  My mother-in-law was thrilled!!  Thank you for your excellent service!

J.H. in Conway, Arkansas, USA

June 8, 2004

Thank you so much for the Forget-Me-Not plate!  I absolutely love it!!  I love to collect Forget-Me-Not items, but they are difficult to come by.  Your website has a great selection to choose from.  I thank you also for your excellent customer service.  It is rare to find a company that takes such pride in what they do and how they treat their customers.  I was overwhelmed by the awesome level of customer service, communication, and quality that I received from my order.  I will definitely shop with you again!! 

R.C. in Duluth, Minnesota, USA

June 8, 2004

Received the OS plate today.  It's gorgeous!   Thanks so much.  Excellent transaction and fast shipment.  I look forward to doing business with you in the future.

V.S. in Carrier Mills, Illinois, USA


June 8, 2004

Got my pretty teacup today.  Looks downright glam on my desk here at work; lots of compliments on my (our) taste.  Flawlessly wrapped, as usual, so it arrived in perfect condition.  Of course, I will continue to peruse your site for other items I can't live without.  As always, I appreciate the layaway opportunity.

S.B. in Montpelier, Vermont, USA


May 19, 2004

The luncheon and bread and butter plates arrived in perfect condition, as did the exquisite bread holder and the cups and saucer.  I am so delighted with this particular purchase because your system of ordering was quick and simple.  I was also impressed with the very low cost of shipping and handling charged, especially when I opened the initial box and saw the meticulous care used in packing the fragile pieces.  The fact that the order was delivered within seven days of the order was great!!

R.C. of Littleton, North Carolina, USA


May 4, 2004

Item #2372 was received by my Mother in perfect condition and she loves it.  It makes a fine addition to her tea cup collection.  Thank you for a very pleasant transaction.

M.H.E, M.D.,. in Pine Cove, California, USA

April 22, 2004

The plates arrived in perfect shape -- just as your predicted!  The service and the merchandise you provided were first-rate.  We couldn't be more satisfied, and you can quote me.

A.M. in Shreveport, LA, USA

April 17, 2004

I want to tell you how very valuable your site has been to me.  I've been on a learning path since September of 2003 and found your site in December with my first piece of Schumann.  The information you provide is phenomenal -- at first, the marks, and then as I read through, the dates and information you provide about each piece.  I want to thank you so much.  Thanks tons!!!

K.J. in Royal Oak, Michigan, USA


April 8, 2004

I received my box today with my cups and saucers.  They are beautiful.  Thank you so much.  You are a pleasure to work with -- fast response and shipping.  Thank you.

 D.S. in Tallahassee, Florida, USA


April 8, 2004

I wanted to let you know that the Berry Bowl set arrived today.  I am very pleased with the purchase and thank you for allowing me to pay on layaway.  I am also pleased with your friendliness, professionalism, and terrific packing and shipping.  Best wishes for a successful site!!

A.W. in Conyers, Georgia, USA


April 7, 2004

Just wanted to write and let you know how happy I was to find Efineantiques.  It is so nice to find a site with such wonderful collections.  The whole buying experience was great from ordering, communication, packaging, and shipping.  Looking forward to doing business with you in the future.

K.A.K. in Mayfield Heights, Ohio, USA


April 3, 2004

Thank you so very much for your prompt shipment and careful packing of the Schumann green panel plate I purchased from you.  It arrived this afternoon and is truly beautiful!!  You have been so very nice to work with and have been most helpful to me.   I certainly appreciated your input and help with my purchase and look forward to doing business with you again.  You may, of course, use my comments.

B.A. in Greenville, South Carolina, USA


April 2, 2004

I received the beautiful Pink Lustre cup and saucer today.  It is gorgeous!!!  I want to mention that your wonderful packing saved the cup and saucer from arriving in small pieces.  The box was badly damaged and one side was fully dented.  Thank you so much for your follow-up on this matter.  I truly appreciate your asking permission to use my comments.  You are professional and operate a professional business.  I  will continue to check Efineantiques for new pieces.

T.M. in Perth, Ontario, Canada


March 19, 2004

Just a quick e-mail to let you know that the bowl arrived today safely and in perfect condition.  It is absolutely beautiful!!  I am very pleased and will continue to check your website often.

M.G. in Poughkeepsie, New York, USA


March 18, 2004

The cups and saucers are lovely.  Thank you so much.  Best regards.

A.S. in West Henrietta, New York, USA


March 16, 2004

I  received the plates today.  You are right -- they are beautiful!!  You really have some experience on packing, too!!!  They were packed very well.  Thank you so much.  I had a great experience with your service.

J.M. in Rowlett, Texas, USA


February 4, 2004

I received my tea set today.  I don't think I've ever seen such careful packaging.  I really appreciate it.  Thanks!!

C.C. in Grapevine, Texas, USA


January 23, 2004

The teapot arrived yesterday and I LOVE it.  It looks like a Genie lives inside.  Thanks so much. 

April 9:  Permission granted to use my comments.  That teapot has become my most cherished!!

N.S. in Boulder, Colorado, USA


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