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#3859 Old Japanese Lustreware Breakfast Set

c.1920's and most likely after the Old Nippon era ended in 1921.  Though marked, we haven't been able to find this exact cherry blossom mark, so the Japanese factory of origin is unknown at this writing.  Beautiful blue lavender lustreware.  Perfect as a breakfast set, luncheon set, or tea set.  Also perfect just for display.  Set consists of teapot, lidded sugar, creamer, 6 cups and saucers, and 6 snack plates.  Teapot is 4 3/4" tall to top of finial on lid x approximately 8" wide from outer tips of spout and handle.  Lidded Sugar bowl is 4 1/4" tall to top of finial on lid x approximately 6" wide from outer tips of handles; Creamer is 3" tall at highest point of spout x approximately 4 1/4" wide at outer tips of spout and handle; Cups are 2" tall x 3 3/4" diameter at top opening; Saucers are 5 1/2" diameter; Snack plates are 7 1/4" diameter.  Excellent condition. $200 July 2006

Old Japanese Blue Lustreware Breakfast Set

Item #3859

#2429 Old Nippon Sugar and Creamer, Hand Painted

Although unmarked, we believe these to be genuine Old Nippon because of their style and what we know of their origin.  Hand Painted with beautiful roses on backgrounds of gold cartouches. Scalloped bodies on dainty feet.  These are some of the prettiest I've ever seen.  Sugar is lidded and measures approximately 4" to top of finial on lid x 6 1/2" at outer tips of handles.  Creamer is 2 3/4" tall at the top of the spout x 4 1/2" from outer tips of spout and handle.  Perfect condition.  No chips, cracks, crazing, or repairs.  These are real treasures.

Item #2429

#2560 Unmarked Footed Bowl, Hand Painted

Cobalt blue with hand painted florals and gold trim.  Appears to be Old Nippon.  Beautiful scalloped-shaped body and dainty feet.  Even the feet are tipped in gold.  3" tall x 5 1/2" diameter across the top.  A gorgeous bowl.  Perfect condition.

Old Nippon Cobalt Blue Bowl Item #2560
#2561 Unmarked Salt and Pepper Shakers, Hand Painted

Cobalt blue with hand painted florals and gold accents. Appear to be Old Nippon.  2 1/2" tall.  Perfect condition -- they even have their corks. 

Old Nippon Style Salt and Pepper Shakers Unmarked Item #2561
#2062 Unmarked Footed Sugar Bowl and Creamer

Cobalt blue with hand painted florals.  Age and origin unknown.  It appears to be in the Nippon style and possibly Old Nippon.  It is 4" tall to top of finial on lid.  The creamer appears to match the sugar bowl above, although we found them at different times.

Nippon Style Cobalt Sugar Bowl Item #2062
Old Nippon Creamer SOLD

#2064 Unmarked Footed Nut Bowls

Cobalt blue with and hand painted florals.  Age and origin unknown.  They appear to be in the Nippon style and possibly Old Nippon.  All finish is smooth and they are of light weight and rather sheer -- all good signs.  They are not perfect.  The scalloped edges are rather crudely finished, with some of the gold not quite complete and the finish not quite smooth.  What appears to be a chip (see picture) I believe is just a crude finish -- it is smooth, not sharp.  They are priced accordingly.  They each measure 1 1/2" tall.

Nippon Style Nut Bowls  Item #2064

#1872 Unmarked Footed Cup and Saucer

Appears to be Old Nippon.  Perfect condition.

Decorative Footed Cup and Saucer Decorative Footed Cup and Saucer Decorative Cup Top Item #1872
#2060 Unmarked Chocolate Set
5 pieces (pot and 4 sets cups and saucers -- it also has an extra saucer).  This beautiful chocolate set is unmarked, but we believe it is Old Nippon.   Through its family history, we were told that it is known to have existed as far back as c.1890's.  It is in beautiful and perfect condition.  The beautiful portrait and flowers are hand painted.  Notice the beautiful cobalt blue.  The cups are very sheer -- a sign of fine quality porcelain.  The cups are 3" tall and the pot is 9 1/2" tall to top of finial on lid.
Nippon Chocolate Set Nippon Chocolate Pot
Nippon Chocolate Cup SOLD
Hand Painted Old Nippon Small Pin Tray

Perfect condition.  5 1/2" X 3 3/4".

Old Nippon Pin Tray Item #2145 SOLD
#2061 Footed Biscuit Jar

Hand painted florals.  Marked as seen below.  This appears to be in the Nippon style and the mark does have a cherry blossom.  We have been unable to identify this exact mark, but assume it is probably Old Nippon.  It is 6 1/4" tall to top of finial on lid.

Nippon Style Biscuit Jar

Item #2061 SOLD

#2426 Old Nippon Vase Hand Painted Florals

Although unmarked, there is no doubt this is genuine Old Nippon from the 19th Century.  This exact body style is pictured on page 252 of Van Patten's Fifth Series book on Nippon Porcelain.  Hand painted with large and beautiful roses.  Gorgeous colors.  Gold trim around neck, handles, and three-footed base.  Neck rim, handles, and feet reflect wear patterns on gold consistent with its age.  It is in otherwise perfect condition.  No chips, cracks, crazing, or repairs.  13 1/2" tall x 5 1/2" wide at the feet. Neck opening is 4 1/8" diameter.  Truly a treasure.

Old Nippon Hand Painted Vase

Item #2426 SOLD

#2553 Old Nippon Vase

Hand Painted.  Heavily decorated with applied gold in beautiful intricate designs.  Mark indicates it is from the early 20th century.  According to Van Patten's Nippon Porcelain Fifth Series, page 108, this mark was used beginning in 1911.  Appears to be in perfect condition except for a slight bit of wear on gold around rim, which is a testament to its age.  Approximately 9" tall.  Notice the pretty scalloped base.  A real beauty!!!

Old Nippon Vase Early 20th Century

Item #2553 SOLD

#2428 Old Nippon Hand Painted Lidded Trinket Box

Believed to be c. very early 20th Century.  Hand painted with colorful florals, including a large cherry blossom on the front.  This piece is marked with a faded out blue mark which I have not been able to find, although it is similar to some of the Nippon marks. Because of that, as well as its decoration, I believe it to be Old Nippon because of its body style.  A smaller version of the body style (different size and decoration) is on page 129 of Van Patten's Seventh Series Nippon book.    If anyone can add any additional information, please e-mail us.  3 1/2" tall from bottom to top center of lid and 4" wide at the body.  Perfect condition. No chips, cracks, crazing, or repairs.  

Old Nippon Lidded Trinket Box

Item #2428


#2573 Nippon Saucer and Ladle, Hand Painted

Ladle is marked; saucer is not.  Apparently part of a sauce set that originally came with a bowl.  As far as we can tell, the mark appears to be genuine and one used beginning in 1911 (Source:  Nippon Porcelain, Fifth Series, by Van Patten, page 108)(We have heard from a nice viewer who has confirmed that the 1911 date for this mark is correct and that this is a mayonnaise set that is missing its ball-footed bowl.)  Saucer is 5 3/8" diameter.  Ladle is 1 3/4" diameter at spoon opening.  Approximately 5" in length from outer tips of handle and spoon.August 2005 -- $35

Nippon Small Saucer and Ladle

Item #2573


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