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SOLD#2795 Limoges Sugar and CreamerSOLD

c.1890's.  Hand painted and hand decorated.  Two different whiteware marks (see below).   Notice beautiful bead work, elegant scrolls, and floral swags. 

Old Limoges Sugar and Creamer

Slight wear of gold at top of creamer handle and on inside rims of both (see pictures).  Otherwise, excellent condition.

Sugar is 3 1/4" tall to rim of neck and 4 1/2" to top of finial on lid and approximately 5" wide from outer tips of handles.  Creamer is 4" tall to top of handle.

Creamer mark is for Tressemann & Vogt, Limoges, France, 1892-1907  (Source:  Collector's Encyclopedia of Limoges Porcelain, Third Edition, by Gaston, page 293) 

Sugar mark is for M. Redon, Limoges, France, c.1891-1896.  (Source:  Collector's Encyclopedia of Limoges Porcelain, Third Edition, by Gaston, page 269) 

 Signed V.B.F., most likely an American china painter.

Item #2795


SOLD#2700 Limoges Plates 1890'sSOLD

The mark is that of William Guerin & Co., Limoges, France, and is dated to c.1891-1900, and possibly even before 1891.  (Source:  Collector's Encyclopedia of Limoges Porcelain, Third Edition, by Gaston, page 134).  Hand painted and hand decorated.  Gorgeous colors.  Ornately scalloped rims in a shell design.  9 1/4" diameter.  A Gorgeous Treasure of a find!!!

W.G.&Co., Limoges Plates, William Guerin & Co.

 One flaw -- a nick on underside of rim edge of one plate and slightly visible from the top (see pictures).  Easily repairable and priced accordingly

Item #2700



SOLD#2564 T&V Limoges Punch BowlSOLD

The marks are that of Tressemann & Vogt and date the bowl to 1907-1919 (Source:  Antique Limoges at Home by Debby DuBay, pages 236 and 237).  Appears to be a combination of beautiful high-quality transfer florals and hand painting.  Gorgeous cranberry colors with heavy gold trim.  Wide gold rim on foot of bowl and ornately scalloped gold rim at top.   Perfect condition.  13" diameter across top opening.  Gorgeous!!!

T&V Limoges France Punch Bowl T&V Limoges Punch Bowl
Item #2564
SOLD#2532 LS Limoges Cherub DishSOLD

The mark is a green underglaze whiteware mark that was used c.1891-late 1890s by the Leon Sazerat and Blondeau company in Limoges, France, and was apparently used after Sazerat became deceased The company was apparently out of business by the late 1890's and  few examples are found of any of their marks (Source:  Collector's Encyclopedia of Limoges Porcelain, Third Edition, by Gaston, page 380).  This is a beautiful little dish with a precious cherub in the center which is a combination of transfer and hand painting.  It gives the impression of being totally hand painted until examined carefully under a magnifier.  The dish is in a scalloped shell design with soft pink on the inside walls and gold trim on the rim -- all of which I believe was painted by hand.  Notice that the cherub is framed by an ornate gold border on a white background.  Perfect condition except for some ever-so-slight wear of gold on the rim (look closely at picture).  It measures 5 5/8" x 4 3/4" and is absolutely beautiful!!

LS Limoges France Cherub Dish, Leon Sazerat and Blondeau

Item #2532


SOLD#2357 Limoges France Chocolate Pot by M. RedonSOLD

The mark dates this chocolate pot to the years of c.1891-1896.  This exact body shape in its graceful scalloped shell and scroll design is found on page 273 of  the Third Edition of Limoges Porcelain by Mary Frank Gaston.  The delicate floral and foliate decoration is hand painted.  The gold handle, finial, and spout serve to complement the overview beauty of this gorgeous find!!!  As if it couldn't get any better, it is in perfect condition!!   It is 9" to top of finial.

Limoges Chocolate Pot by M. Redon France

Item #2357
SOLD#2518 Limoges Figural PlatesSOLD

From George Borgfeldt, a New York importer with a porcelain decorating studio in Paris, France, who used the Coronet mark c.1906-1920.  The star is a whiteware mark from the Coiffe factory in Limoges France, who used it after 1914Therefore, this set is dated to between the years of 1914-1920. (Source:  Collector's Encyclopedia of Limoges Porcelain, Third Edition, by Gaston, pages 71, 89, 90)This is a pair of plates exactly alike and ready for hanging on your wall.  Although at first glance the figural scene appears to be hand painted, we believe it is actually a combination of transfer and hand painting.  The gold was no doubt applied by hand.  Small gold beads surround the oval figural scene.  They each measure 7 3/4" diameter.  Gorgeous plates for any beautiful home.  Excellent condition.

Limoges Figural Plates by George Borgfeldt and Coiffe Item #2518
SOLD#2285 Jean Pouyat of Limoges France Oval Bowl by Limoges Artist DuvalSOLD

References say this green J.P.L. France  mark was for whiteware and was used c.1890-1932.  Handle and scalloped rim trimmed in gold.  Gorgeous Hand Painted Roses.  Artist signed by Duval who is a listed and apparently well-known Limoges artist.  More of Duval's work can be found in the Collector's Encyclopedia of Limoges Porcelain, Third Edition, by Mary Frank Gaston.  Some very slight wear of gold on handle.  Otherwise, in excellent to perfect condition.  8 3/4" long x 6" wide.  A gorgeous piece and treasure of a find!!!

JPL Jean Pouyat Limoges France by Artist Duval

Item #2285

Limoges Artist Duval


SOLD#2407 Limoges AK France Hand Painted Celery DishSOLD

The underglaze green mark is a whiteware mark used by A. Klingenberg c.1890's-1910.  According to resources, Klingenberg was in business in Limoges France as a porcelain factory and decorating studio c.1880's-1910.   Beautiful red and pink roses nestled in a bed of varying shades of green foliage and background.  Scalloped rim.  Signed -- probably an artist outside the factory.  Perfect condition.  12 1/4" x 5 3/8".

AK France Celery Dish A. Klingenberg
Item #2407
SOLD#1967 Limoges AKCD France Figural PlateSOLD

c. 1896-1910.  The Limoges arrow is a whiteware mark used c.1896-1905 by Laviolette, a factory in Limoges in business from 1896-1905. The red AKCD mark is a decorating mark used c.1900-1910 by A. Klingenberg and Charles Dwenger.  (Source: Collector's Encyclopedia of Limoges Porcelain, Third Edition, by Mary Frank Gaston, page 351)  8 1/2" across.  Perfect condition.  Elegant!!!  A true treasure from the past. 

Limoges France AKCD Plate

Limoges France AKCD Plate Limoges France AKCD Plate Limoges France Mark
AKCD Limoges France Mark SOLD
SOLD#2195 Limoges Porcelaine Palles France Lidded Decorative BowlSOLD

Approximately 6 1/4" square x 2 1/2"  tall.  Perfect condition.  Body and lid are scalloped in shape. Rim of lid and top rim of bowl are trimmed in gold.  The large beautiful rose and other florals are transfers.  According to popular reference sources, this French decorating company was only in business from 1926-1950 and few examples of their work exist.

Limoges Porcelaines Palles

Item #2195 SOLD
SOLD#2355 Haviland Limoges Fish SetSOLD

The Haviland Limoges mark dates this set to 1903-1925.  11 pieces -- large platter and 10 small serving plates, all Hand Painted and Artist Signed.  Excellent to perfect condition!!  The only flaw is a small chip on the edge of one of the small plates (see last two pictures showing two views of the same area).  It is under the gold and either there at the time of decoration by the factory, or was touched up at a later time.  A spectacular set -- absolutely gorgeous!!  Display ready for your walls!!  Each piece is mounted with wall hangers with a protective clear cover over each of the hooks that attach to the plate rims. The large platter is 23 1/16" long x 9 1/4" wide.  The small serving plates are 8 15/16" diameter. 

Haviland Limoges Fish Set

Haviland Limoges Fish Set Platter Haviland Limoges Fish Set Large Platter Close
Haviland Limoges Fish Set Large Platter Close Haviland Limoges Fish Set Large Platter Close
Haviland Limoges Fish Set Small Plate Item #2355
SOLD#2354 Limoges Game Set by LS&S Lewis Straus and SonsSOLD

The marks on this set date it to the years of c.1891 to mid-1920's13 pieces -- large platter and 12 small serving plates, all Hand Painted and decorated, but not signed.  The outer leaves on the flower garlands are in transfer.  Excellent to perfect condition.  Another spectacular and gorgeous set and display ready for your walls with the mounted wall hangers with protective clear covers over each of the hooks attached to the plate rims.  The large platter is 18" long x 12 1/4" wide.  The small serving plates are 9 1/16" diameter.

Limoges Game Set LS&S Lewis Straus and Sons
Limoges Game Set Large Platter LS&S Lewis Strauss and Sons Limoges Game Set L S and S Lewis Straus and Sons Item #2354 SOLD
SOLD#2356 Limoges Game Set by George BorgfeldtSOLD

The marks date this set to c.1906-1920.  14 pieces -- large platter, 12 small serving plates, and 1 small dish,  all Hand Painted and Artist Signed by J. Bronssillon, a listed Limoges artist.  Very heavy gold trim on scalloped rims.  Excellent to perfect condition.  Spectacular colors and a gorgeous set.  Every piece is display ready with its wall hanger mounts and protective clear covers over each of the hooks attached to the plate rims.  The large platter is 19 1/16" long x 13 1/2" wide.  The small serving plates are 9 1/2" diameter.  The small dish is 7 1/2" long x 5" wide.

Limoges Game Set George Borgfeldt Coronet mark Limoges Game Set by George Borgfeldt, Artist signed by J. Bronssillon
Item #2356 SOLD

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