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Pickard Tray Rose and Daisy AOG

#2482 Pickard Tray or Cake Plate, Rose and Daisy, AOG.   Large tray or cake plate with inset handles and scalloped rim.  11 1/8" diameter.  Excellent condition except for some very slight wear in center as shown in pictures at far left and bottom.  SOLD   $95 in December 2005

Item #2482

Pickard Dish Plan Encrusted AOG

#2287 Pickard-Style Stouffer Dish in Plain Encrusted, AOG.  An R. S. Germany blank decorated by the Stouffer Studio.  The red Stouffer mark is dated 1920-24.  5 1/4" wide at the inset handles x 5 1/4" deep.  An unusual shape.  Excellent condition.  SOLD  $35, January 2006

Item #2287 SOLD

Pickard Tulip Bowl Rose and Daisy Pattern

#2484 Pickard Tulip Small Bowl, AOG.  Scalloped rim in tulip design.  Approximately 5" diameter x 2 1/8" tall.  Perfect condition.  SOLD


Item #2484 SOLD

Pickard Floral Scroll Dinner Plate

#2580 Pickard Dinner Plates, Floral Scroll, AOG.  Hand Decorated.  10 1/4" diameter.  The mark was first used in 1938 (Source: Pickard China by Alan Reed, page 73).  However, we know for certain that these plates are definitely from the 1970's.  Perfect condition.  Gorgeous plates!!!   SOLD


Item #2580


Pickard Pedestal Compote

#2480 Pickard Compote, Rose and Daisy pattern, AOG.  Scalloped rim and pedestal.  Perfect condition.  6 3/8" diameter x 3 1/2" tall.  SOLD


Item #2480

Pickard Bowl Rose and Daisy

#2481 Pickard Large Bowl, Rose and Daisy, AOG.  9 1/4" diameter at top x 2 1/2" tall.  Perfect condition.  SOLD


Pickard Bowl Rose and Daisy Pattern Item #2481

Wheeling Pickard Style Dish Rose and Daisy Pattern

#2341 Pickard-Style Bowl, Rose and Daisy, AOG.  Decorated by the Wheeling Decorating Company of West Virginia.  Inset handles, scalloped rim.  8 5/8" long x 4 1/4" wide.  Perfect condition.  SOLD


Item #2341 SOLD SOLD

Pickard Ash Tray Rose and Daisy pattern

#2483 Pickard Ash Tray, Rose and Daisy, AOG.  Could also be used as a candy dish.  5" x 4 1/4"  Perfect condition.  SOLD


Item #2483  SOLD  SOLD

Pickard Shell Dish Rose and Daisy Pattern

#2286 Pickard Dish, Rose and Daisy, AOG.    5 1/8" wide x 4 1/2" deep.  Age unknown, but the mark was first in 1938, although I don't know if it goes back that far.   It is in excellent condition and a real beauty!!  SOLD


Item #2286 SOLD

Gold Salt Cellar Pickard compatible

#2339 Gold Salt Cellar, AOG.  Not marked Pickard, but compatible.  Four dainty feet.  Scalloped rim.  Perfect condition.  2" diameter.  SOLD


Item #2339 SOLD



#2165 Pickard Dish, Rose and Daisy, AOG.  5 1/8" diameter.  Inset handles.  Marked with gold Pickard mark, as well as an old R S Tillowitz Silesia Mark, which indicates that the Pickard Studios decorated a blank from the Tillowitz factory.  References show the Pickard mark to have been used in the years of 1925-1930 and the Tillowitz mark in the 1930's.  Therefore, from these marks, this dish is c.1930.  Excellent Condition.  SOLD   $55 January 2006
Item #2165 SOLD SOLD

Pickard Style Salt and Pepper

#2487 Pickard Style Footed Salt and Pepper, AOG.   5" tall.  Excellent condition except for missing stoppers.  Unmarked.  SOLD  $55, January 2006
Item #2487 SOLD

Pickard Salt and Pepper Small

#2338 Pickard Salt and Pepper, Rose and Daisy, AOG.   2" tall.  Excellent to perfect condition -- stoppers are missing.  SOLD


Item #2338 SOLD

Gold Finish Salt and Pepper

#2486 Salt and Pepper, AOG.  Compatible with Pickard.  Unmarked.  Approximately 3" tall.  Perfect condition except for missing stoppers.   SOLD


Item #2486  SOLD

#2559 Pickard Footed Salt and Pepper Set, Rose and Daisy, AOG.  Appear to be in perfect condition, even the corks.  Just under 4" tall.  SOLD


Item #2559

Pickard Rose and Daisy Salt and Pepper

#2132 Pickard Footed Salt and Pepper Set in Rose and Daisy Pattern.  Excellent to Perfect Condition.  SOLD


Item #2132 SOLD SOLD

Pickard Style Lady Hamilton 22 Kt. Gold Cream and Sugar

#2260 Pickard-Style Lady Hamilton 22 Kt. Gold Sugar and Creamer.  Pickard Style.  Excellent to perfect condition.  Even the insides are gold.  Sugar is 2 1/2" tall x 5" wide at the handles.  Creamer is 2 1/2" tall x 4 1/2" wide at the spout and handle.  SOLD


Pickard Style Lady Hamilton 22 kt. Gold Creamer and Sugar Pickard Style Lady Hamilton 22 kt. Gold Creamer Pickard Style Lady Hamilton 22 Kt. gold Sugar

Item #2260




Pickard Style Sugar and Creamer Stouffer China

#2134 Pickard-Style Open Sugar and Creamer by Stouffer China, AOG.  Sugar is 3" to top of handle and 4" wide.   Creamer is 3 1/4" to top of handles and 4 3/4" wide.  Excellent to perfect condition.  Creamer has a blemish 3/16" just under the lip.  Price has been adjusted accordingly. SOLD


Item #2134 SOLD

Pickard Style 22 kt. Gold Hand Painted Pin Tray Figural Scene

#2259 Pickard-Style 22 Kt. Gold Hand Painted Pin Tray Figural Scene.   Scene is a transfer.  5 1/2" long x 4" wide.  Excellent to perfect condition. SOLD


Item #2259




Gold Pickard Style Demicup and Saucer Figural Scene

#2135 Pickard-Style Footed Demicup and Figural Saucer by Osborne China.  Stand is included.  Saucer is 4 3/8" diameter.  Footed Cup is 2 5/8" tall x 2 3/4" across top opening.  Excellent condition.   SOLD  $35  December 2005

Figural scene has appearance of hand painting, but is actually a transfer with some hand painted touches.

Mark indicates Hand Painted 22K gold.

 Figural scene has a slightly blurry look to it as shown in the photo and is priced accordingly.

Item #2135 SOLD SOLD

Pickard Rosenthal Oval Vegetable Bowl

#2381 Rosenthale/Pickard Oval Vegetable Bowl.  Based on the Pickard decorating mark, the age of this bowl is 1925-30.  The Rosenthale whiteware mark was used c.1908-1953 (Source:  Marks on German, Bohemian, and Austrian Porcelain by Rontgen, page 137)  It was apparently manufactured by Rosenthal (notice the spelling of Rosinthale, which apparently the spelling used on Rosenthal whiteware) and decorated by Pickard.  The gold Pickard mark was used 1925-30 according to references.  Notice the intricate design of the beautiful Pickard decoration. 10 1/2" long x 7 3/8" wide.  Excellent condition.  SOLD  $95, March 2006

Item #2381 SOLD

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